First Smoke and a chili question

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Original poster
Oct 28, 2006
Greetings all,

New to smoking and the Forum. Went fishing a couple of weeks back and got some nice lake cutthroat trout. That prompted me to get a smoker for those nice fillets, a GOSM model in my case.

Didn't make the fish the first thing through the smoker though, I instead tried a brisket this past weekend with Jeff's rub recipe. Dang good! Just did a 5# or so flat and not a full cut. About eleven hrs but being a "smoker virgin" I was chasing the temp all day. Will work at perfecting that as I go.

So I've got leftover brisket and I'm looking for a good chili recipe. Anybody got suggestions?

Next weekend not sure. Either a pork tenderloin or some meatloaf depending on how much time I have.

Great forum, btw.
Welcome to SMF NorCalBob! Glad to have you with us. Boy, most of start easy with ribs and ABT's and work our way up to a brisket. Good to see that you're the adventurious type and goes for the big stuff first!! :D

One of our members, SoFlaQuer, has posted a Chili Verde recipe that calls for leftover brisket. You can check out the recipe here Jeff's Chili Verde.

Wow, that looks like a mouth watering recipe. Gonna have to hunt down a couple of ingredients today when I get a minute.

Didn't know any better on the brisket because I hadn't done my homework. Also did a half slab of baby backs. Brisket was better because I didn't 3-2-1 the ribs like I should have. Might have to practice some more next weekend

Smoked trout on the menu for tomorrow if I can find me a good brine.

Thanks D!
Pratice is good, especially when you can eat it afterwards. Check the Fish Thread for a brine recipe. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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