First smoke 30 minutes in

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Jun 5, 2007
Jacksonville, FL
Hey, i just put on my first chicken, only doing one cuz the smoker i bought is pretty small, (low on cash). Anyways, if someone could help me on how to insert pics, i could get some good ones. Maybe i shouldnt have spent so much money on my digital cam and spent a little more on a smoker haha.
First off, go here:

After you have downloaded your pix from the camera and resized them, at the bottom of your new post, there is a button called "Manage Attachments". Click it.

A window will pop up. In that window, click the "Browse" button next to the "Upload File from your Computer" box at the top of the window.

Browse to the place where you stored your pictures, double click the picture. The path to that picture will appear in the box.

Hit the "Upload" button.

Close the pop up window.

Hit the "Submit New Thread" button.

That's it!
Looking forward to seeing those pictures.
She's lookin' good!
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