First Shoulder.......Update!!!!!

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Jun 16, 2006
West Fargo ND
Just wanted to let you know my first shoulder went great!!!!! I figured i would pass along the way i did it for anyon4e else who wants to smoke a shoulder but doesnt want to stay up all night to do it. I put them in Noon Saturday and poured heavy smoke to them for 5 hrs at 220 then backed the smoke off to a normal amount. Left them in for 12 hrs and pulled them at midnight. I foiled them and put them in the fridge, they were not done yet as the bone was still to tough to pull. I had to get some sleep as i had a group coming over on Sunday for a get together. I got up at 5:30 put them in the oven at 225 drip pans under them and got a couple more hours of sleep............i left them foiled at that temp for 5 hrs. They were INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!! everyone raved over the meat and it was so incredibly moist. I was nervous about foiling them putting them in fridge to continue in the morning but i will do it this way all the time just for time reasons!! Any questions id be happy to answer them. Have a great week!
lang, a variation on that theme that works well is to smoke for as long as you can before bedtime then put in a slow oven (mine goes as low as 170) and let them hold overnight and finish cooking in the AM if they're not done yet.

I do this with brisket regularly and they're some of my best.
Thanks for the info.........Brisket is next on my list!!! I would of done taht with my shpoulder but was kind of nervous leaving it in the oven with the grease and all. Didint want to wake up to a fire, as i said earlier this was my first one and used drip pans etc but in the end i found out i had them foiled well enough to prevent any grease leaking out.
My BIL's 40th birthday is this week end and my wife has offered to hold the "surprise" party at our place so part of the extended family can see the new digs. I figure "no problem"- Get 'em in stuff 'em with ice cream and cake and get 'em out. Nope! Sam tells me that there will be 35-4- people showing up and that this is going to be a full blown BBQ party with pulled pork sammiches, my "Wicked Baked Beans, corn on the cob and a couple of different salads. Boy was I "surprised". Looks like the 2 pork butts I have thawing out for Buckboard Bacon will be used for the sammiches and it looks like I gotta thaw out a couple more butts. Right now it's a toss up wheither start them Friday night or get up at Oh dark thirty on Saturday and get them going. Guess I'll have to see the "Honey Do" list that Sam has started.
Hey Earl.......give the smoking during the day and foiling and then putting them in the oven in the morning thing that i did, it worked out great you wont be sorry and you will actually get some sleep before your party. Enjoy yourself
This method sounds like just what I need. I'll have to work all day Friday and have two pork butts and a brisket to get smoked by 3 PM saturday (daughters 1st birthday party). So I was thinking either get up real early saturday and spend the day smoking (and hope I can get them done in time) or start it up at 4 PM friday, as soon as I get off work. So you have confirmed success with the pork, but what about the brisket? If I start Friday afternoon and want to get to bed by 1 AM, that only leaves 7 or so hours for smokin. Is it ok to wrap and refrigerate the brisket over night, then finish it off in the oven the next day? 225 °F in the oven for both the pig and cow? Or would it be better to keep them in the oven on warm overnight. I think I can maintain the oven at about 180 °F. I'm a rookie, so fire away. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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