first salmon tomorrow

Discussion in 'Fish' started by darelleats, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. darelleats

    darelleats Newbie

    Here's my game plan for my first salmon tomorrow... any opinions or suggestions would be appreciated.

    First off, what internal temperature do you all usually bring your fish to?

    My wife found a nice piece of Koho salmon at Costco this morning, so that's what we're going to use.

    I will brine with water, salt and brown sugar, prepping that first thing in the morning.

    I am going to go with a simple maple syrup basting before it goes on the grill. Should I also baste as I go?

    I was unable to find alderwood today, so I went with apple.

    I will also be going to do some stuffed green peppers with ground beef, onions, rice, spices and tomatoes.

    Will post pics, too!
  2. jasper

    jasper Newbie

    Sounds good to me! Looking forward to pics.

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