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Discussion in 'Fruit, Nuts & Vegetables' started by tybo6, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. tybo6

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    Bo and I tried our hand at a garden this year and have had moderate sucess......This mornin I pulled these beans and have thought all day what to do with em....Well here it is.
    I started by choppin up some thick cut hickory smoked bacon and brownin it up in a pan.Savin the grease in the pan of course.While I was doin that,I cut the ends off the beans and dropped in some boilin water to blanch for bout 2 mins.Pulled em out and cooled off w/cold water.
    I then chopped up some fresh red onion and added it to bacon and grease.Let the onion go till it just started to lighten in color.After that I added bout 4 cloves fresh crushed garlic,some white button shrooms.The shrooms sucked up the remaining bacon grease.I then added bout half cup white wine and turned the fire up to hi and covered.Only covered long enough for wine to reduce and every thing to incorporate.
    All I can say is momma luvs em....All I care about(They r really good,...Kinda proud of myself)......Just a note....I like my beans a lil crispy when ya bite em.....In case any one may try this idea and likes their beans a lil softer just add a lil butter after the wine reduces and cover on a low heat and steam a lil longer
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    i got a ton of beans in garden and i gonna try this, sounds good thks for sharing!!!
  3. mrsb

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    Those things look great!! Unfortunately my husband and kids would take one look at it and ask for a pb&j!!!! That might be a good side item for a future family outing. My brothers and sisters will try anything!!

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