First Pork Shoulder with first Qview

Discussion in 'Pork' started by dk666, Jul 18, 2010.

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    Picked up a small pork shoulder about 5.5 Pounds, Smoked it in apple wood took forever to get done next time I'll up the temp to closer to 250-260, This time i went 225 took over 13 hours glad I had a ton of stuff from the Western channel to watch on the DVR LOL.

    I rubbed it then put in a Ziploc overnight with some apple cider Vinegar in the bag with it, In the Morn I pulled from the bag and added more rub and covered it with Brown Sugar and injected the cider/rub juice from the bag into the shoulder


    Then let the Brown Sugar melt as I got the GOSM  ready to temp and the Apple wood started


    Sprayed a little bit every 90 mins or so with Apple Juice the first few hrs here's a shot after a few hrs in the smokers it's about 160ish


    finally ready to eat !!!!  Poor Thor my Husky sat the whole day looking at me is it time yet can I have my share already !!! so he's a happy dog today too LOL !!!


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