First Packer Brisket, Q-View.......

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Aug 6, 2007
Right side of Washington State
to follow, (made ya look!!!!)

11 lb packer. 2 1/2 hours in. Thanks to SmokyOkie for answering several, ok a lot, of questions.

Stay tuned..........
Stand by for some kick butt brisket cascadedad. I have one on right now with 3 racks of ribs. It's the only way I've done brisket since the Gathering in June.
Yer killin me Al... The SmokyOkie method to a great brisket.. It's top secret and you aren't allowed to know how to do it .. so there
OK, here we go. I got tied up right when I was supposed to pull it out, so it stayed in about 45 minutes longer than I planned. I did have a thermometer in it and it was over 200*, but I thought it was because I put the probe in the wrong spot. Maybe I should have trusted it.

Anyway, it pretty much just pulled apart. I had to be very careful when I was cutting it, it DID NOT want to cut. After I had my fair share of samples, it went into the fridge. Ready for lunch tomorrow after church.

After rub applied.

Seering over Cowboy lump.

It's done! Ready to come out of it's bath of juices.

Full quart of juice.

Ready to eat.

Thanks again SmokyOkie!
Man I hope it tastes as good as it looks. Drool!! Sorry about that, that's one fine looking brisket. Thought I could smell it there for a minute. Great job.
It was foiled after 3 hours. Out of the smoker, I just let it sit with the foil cover for about 40 minutes. The took it out and started working on it.

Folks, I take no credit for this other than the fact that I can follow directions fairly well. This was in the smoker only 8 hours and 45 minutes. I think it would have been better if I would have taken it out at 8 hours per SmokyOkie's instructions. It would have been a little firmer and cut a little better.

I had a digital thermometer in a potato, with the probe just below the brisket. For almost the whole time, the temp was between 259 and 265. It got slightly above 265 for a little while and of course went below 259 the 4-5 times I opened it.
Super deal. I'm glad it worked out for you. A few months ago, I posted a poll as to who sears their briskets and who doesn't. Overwhelmingy, the answer was no . Either that or "What, sear a brisket". Can you explain to the good folks here how deep and beefy the flavor is?

BTW to all you that want to know the Smoky Okie Method for briskets, It is available for the mere sum of $15.00. Simply call the phone # at the bottom of this post.
Like I said, this was my first packer. I don't see any reason to try any other method to cook brisket. Cooking at the higher temperature gets things done quicker which is a real benefit to me. The quality of the final product is outstanding. I lived in Dallas for a couple years and really got to enjoy brisket. My in-laws still live in the hill country north-west of Austin. Coopers in Llano is one of the hot spots for BBQ. I eat there every time I make it there.

But.......this was just as good or better than any I have had. Next time I'll pull it out after the 8 hours and I am sure it will be a little more sliceable.

By the way, my kids and wife gave it the ultimate taste test. They all loved it. My 4 y.o. daughter ate a whole plate full. My wife, who usually is not impressed with my cooking
, really liked it also.

Thanks again Tim. It really is simple.

Next for some of Dutch's Beans!!!!
Even if you pull it out at 190* it will still be fragile. Think outside the box and skice it about 3/4" thick instead of the thin little shave slices that most Q joinjts serve. It will be tender and juicy enough that you can. Most Q joints couldn't.

My motto is You Don't Need Teef to Eat My Beef!
Okie did you fill him in on the correct & true way to tell when that brisket is done? BTW cascadedad ... them's some good lookin vittles. The brisket I did turned out awesome too and the guys at work liked it even.
Cascadedad, you made the right choice using the SmokyOky method. Oky said you and he "communicated". Produces the very best brisket there is, bar none. Takes me back to last June at Clinton! Wow!
Fortunately, Jane and I are headed out Friday for Tulsa and SmokyOky Tim's place to help break in his new smoker. Even more fortunate, SmokyOky is doing a brisket! And a pork loin, rib in. And whatever else we can come up with. It is going to be awesome.
C-dad, congrats on your brisket! I know it is good. The au jus is so tasty.
Anyone who does not sear their brisket is missing a huge amount of flavor.
Call SmokyOky and have your $15 ready.
I know there are many ways of doing it, but this is really very easy and produces awesome brisket. Not only that, but it is faster than other methods. Just can't wait to do another.

Made up some sandwich meat for todays lunch. Mixed in some Sweet Baby Rays sauce, then microwaved at work and put it in a role. Purposely packed some extra so I could share with a couple co-workers. They couldn't believe how good it was.
The $15 was just joking. As I'm sure all noticed, there is no phone # on the bottom of the post.

Thanks for the kudos Mike. Flattery wil get you nowhere, but it may get you some more brisket.

Cascadedad, we usualyy drown it in the au jus to where there's no way to soak up the BQ sauce. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen anyone put sauce on it. We like to serve it over untoasted Texas toast and soak the whole thing w/ aujus. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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