First GOSM Run

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Jul 17, 2005
Newark, Vermont
Well, I have two pork butts happily smoking away in my new GOSM Put together a dry rub which I will post if it comes out OK For the most part just did the yellow mustard slather and applied the rub. Gosm seems to be maintainnig great steady temp and I am finding myself mothering it like the ECB, Gotta let go!@
Did you ever get your Digital Camera figured out? If so lets see some pics of them Butts. I'm hungry just thinking about it. :oops:

When did you say those butts would be ready???
I could jump on the bike and be up there in a few hours..LOL..Congrats and Gook Luck...maybe a few pics will do for now...

we are about half way through here!
And please note the Thin Blue Smoke Rising!
Richard, I am a bike nut! And I have had a few very fast bikes. And trust me.......It ain't worth it! My credentials also include certification as a MSF instructor! Now, to my way of thinkin' I would much rather take a meandering roll through the countryside ending up at a spot where I know there will be good food, good friends, some pickin' n grinnin' and a bonfire totally out of the public eye! I own such a place!

Let me know when you wanna party! The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont does have some good points! And I know Danbury, CT well!
BTW Richard........You did plan on observing the speed limits, right?

Speed too much to do tomorrow anyway...been riding and respecting it for the better part of 36 years now ...with all parts intact...and expect another 36 at least...know the pleasure of a good ride...besides..mama wouldn't let me go tonight anyway..LOL

Enjoy those butts...really look good..

Trust me! If mama let you roll up here you would not wanna go back! At least until winter set in! Got a good thing going and will share more soon!
Thanks, Cajun! I really like the freedom of the GOSM as opposed to my little ECB! Will soon be doing sausage and jerky when I get the character of this monster down!
Nice to see it up and smoking Sir Monty! Butts look great.
Thanks for all the attention, guys! Butts came out beautifully. I was rather disappointed in the rub and will hold off posting it till properly tweaked.

Oillogger, the door temp gauge is about 8 degrees off. The assembly instructions outline an adjustment procedure. I think I will wait till I have a few more smokes down and then attempt to adjust. But evern so I will keep a proven oven thermometer inside as well.

Vulcan! Heres to many more two wheelin' miles! Come next season I plan to resume riding. My divorse a few years ago turned my Harley and my Honda into the same model designation,,,,DFS (Divorce Forces Sale) A friend will be looking to sell a Honda VTX. Right up my alley! We'll see.

To all my friends.....Cheers!

Glad to hear the Butts came out good...the pics sure looked like they would...Finally managed to get my ribs done today...wouldn't stop raining...did them anyway..had to cover my digital gauges with baggies to keep them dry...made another batch of cajuns corn bread...good stuff...and earl's beans...more good stuff..ate too much..should get to sleep ..but too uncomfortable....LOL...
Sorry to hear about your wheels...hope things work out for you there...
OK.. Keep it smoking...

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