First GOSM Brisket

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Apr 17, 2006
Greenwood, MO
Here it rubbed and ready for the grates at 10:30 the night before dinner:

About 4 hrs. in adding a fatty, water, and wood:

Here we are at 15 hours just prior to removing to foil:

I took this one to 205 internal to pull and try the Lone Steer finishing sauce. It took 18 1/2 hours to get it there.:

Here it is after a one hour rest pulled with no sauce:

And finally here is what was leftover with the finishing sauce applied:

Hope you guys and gals enjoy the pics, it was a long trip. Fortunately the GOSM allows for a early am nap of 3 to 4 hours in between the all night and the next day of an all nighter.
I had never pulled brisket before either Meowey. It was very easy to pull, not like pork, but it wanted to fall apart. The thing I will try next time is cutting the brisket in half lenghtways and then pulling. It wants to pull in strands from one side of brisket to the other. That is no big deal really but I think I would prefer smaller pieces, so I'm gonna try that.
Chad, great looking pulled brisket. You can always pull the brisket into strands and then chop the strands to the length that you want.
I did that with some of the longer strands on this one Dutch. I just figured it would be easier to cut the big hunk once or twice than it would individual strands. I pulled the fat cap off first thing and then you can see where it's gonna need cut.

I wish to heck I could remember to try the dough hook on the Kitchen-Aid. I keep getting done pulling the thinking dang it I forgot again. I don't know how well it would work with the brisket though, so I wanna try it with a butt first. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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