First Early AM Brisket

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Jun 3, 2007
Tampa, FL
Just put on my first brisket at 6AM - WOO HOO! Why is it that it takes a team of horses to get me out of bed for work, but I can jump right out at 4AM when it comes to hunting, diving, or cooking?

Hmm, think I just answered my own question...

So here's what we've got going on:

- 6lb brisket, unfortunately had to get a flat only/first cut because the only packer cut my store had was a HUGE 16lb'er... and there's no way that guy was going in the vertical smoker. Kind of disappointed there, as this is the first time I really couldn't do something because of real estate limitations inside my vertical smoker.

- Using mesquite for the first time. I've mostly used hickory in the past, and this is my first mesquite smoke - and DANG the mesquite smoke is WAY stronger than hickory. This is getting interesting already. Noticed that the mesquite soaked up a lot more water than the hickory normally does.

- Prepped the meat last night (mustard + commercial "Oklahoma Joe's" rub) - scored the fat, too. I've read a lot about doing that vs. not doing it, and most places seem to recommend doing it, so I did. Can't say that I really buy into the reason for doing it though (allowing the smoke to "get closer" to the meat"?, mm hmm, ok riight) so that'll definitely be something I experiment with in the future. Used the store-bought rub also because I didn't want to play with TOO many variables right off the bat. Using new wood on a new cut of meat is enough for me.

- Got the BBQ Grillware vertical gasser running at 6AM, got him up to 225, and put the meat in about the time the smoke started to roll. I've got one of those RF temp probes, so I'm sitting in here on the couch watching a documentary on the P-38, finishing up my second cup of coffee. Temp right now after an hour of smoking is 94 deg. The brisket wasn't at full room temp when I put it on - it was still in the 50's.

Well, it's about time to go check on it and hit it for the first time with the apple/jack mix. The wife's got the camera in St Louis visiting her aunt, but maybe I can find our old camera and take a few pics.

Thanks to all for the advice and for getting me excited about taking on a brisket!
Sounds like you have it all figured out!! Awaiting the q-view!!
Sounds great Dev. I too have a few new things I am trying on brisket today, but I have to start later... I wont hijack your thread though..
No prob Crown, add anything you like!

- 9:12AM and the internal temp is now 136
- Flipped it at 8:45 and after some last minute reading, added a foil pan to the rack under it to catch all the brisket goodness.
- Also, I just put on the fatty (stuffed with sharp cheddar, mozzerella, and tomatoes) and realized that it had to go on one of the racks below the brisket. I've got 4 racks, and the brisket's on the 2nd with the top removed to give me room to flip and work on the brisket. 3rd rack is the pie pan, and 4th rack is the fatty. So the pie pan is not only catching the brisket juice, it's also shielding the fatty from the dripping.

Plan on foiling at about 170-ish. I like the bark so I'm not sure what to do about that w/the foil, but I'd rather have a juicy brisket than bark... and from what I've read these flats can dry out in a heartbeat if you're not careful.
Temp is stuck at 154. Good thing I started so early... Gonna let it play out. I got plan "B" (aka the Fatty) in place for dinner in case it goes late...

It sounds great. I'm starting mine in the morning. I'm doing the Smoklahoma Brisket from the BBQ University website. I've done it a couple of times on the Phoenix grill and was great. I can't wait to try it slow smoked.
Success! Temp got up to 170 finally, foiled, and kept it going until 193, which was about 4PM. Unfortunately there won't be any pics 'cause I can't find the old camera and my wife has the good one in St Louis.

I thought for sure I knew where the old camera was dangit!

It looks good, but the bark is pretty spongy from the foiling - I put it back on after foiling but only was able to keep it on for about 30 minutes because a sudden violent thunderstorm popped up (as they tend to do in Tampa) and I had to take it off and bring it in.

I'll keep looking for the cam - I picked a little bark off and it tastes GREAT. The fatty turned out good too.

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