first butts for me

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You are definitely on the right track but to be sure I'd really need to sample the finished product :)
Nice looking butts.

Now I'm gettin hungry.

Cant wait to see the final results.
6 hours in and it's holding at 155 degree's seems to be going fast, smoker has been an even 225. decided to put some brats in for a snack.
OK, there has to be a law against this. Holy cow is this stuff awesome!!
I'm so hooked, I'll be filling the freezer up with pork butts. 14 hour smoke and a 2 hour rest, and it melted in my hands pulling it. Thanks to all who support this forum.


14 hours later

pulled like butter
Fantastic looking food scrollman3!!!! Love the pic of the pulled pork and the " bone test " in front of it!!
THAT'S what it's all about! Great job! Thanks for sharing that with us.. Looks excellent!

Keep Smokin
if thats your first butt smoke, i want to be around when you "get it right" doesn,t look like you left any room for improvement awesome. wildcat is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.