First Brisket

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Oct 14, 2006
North Carolina
Well, today is the big day, I'm doing my first brisket. Having spent numerous hrs reading through almost every post about brisket, I decided to give it a go. And, I have already made a mistake! :lol: I got the coals lit , put some chunks of wood in, put the meat on, only to find the temp in the smoker rested at 300ºF, doh!!! I am hoping it will cool as time goes by to get me in the correct range!
I am doing a flat, at 6.25 lbs, and have a probe in for reading the temp of both the meat and the inside of the smoker. Well, I'll check in later and see if there's any advice from the pros here and post a pic or 2 later of the finished product!!
Open the door of the smoker. That will cool it down and get you into the range you want. bleed off a little of the extra heat. What type of smoker are you using?
Thanks Icemn62!! I am using a Weber Smoky Mtn. I did just that and also adjusted the vents on the bottom to almost closed, but left the top vent open. Seems to be sitting real stable at about 240ºF right now.
I'm kinda pushing the envelope today, I'm smoking the brisket, have the beans going in a crock pot and I am making a batch of beer too!! :shock: We'll see how good I am at this juggling act!! :P
Going to try to post a pic here!! It worked! This is the brisket after 9.5 hrs ofsmoking and 1.5 hr wrapped, and rested in cooler. It made an excellent meal!! 8)
Man, that's a smoke ring all right!!!! Nice bark too... What'd you rub it with???
Very nice bark, wish i could get one to look like that, got one on now, along with 2 racks of loinbacks and a first time trial run ona turkey, ABT's going on soon.
Thanks guys! I owe the success to you guys though, reading all of those posts made things much easier. After dealing with the high temps, every thing fell into place and patience rewarded me some darned good food for dinner. My wife is thinking I'm nuts, that is until she eats some of the food that comes from the smoker! :lol:
The rub was basically kosher salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, paprika, garlic powder, a little cumin and I think thats it. I have it written down somewhere and I'll fill in the blanks later.
Ted, are you sure this is your first brisket smoke?? I know-you've been dreaming and practicing the perfect brisket smoke in your sleep and look at the results that you had!! Great job!!
Magnificient is all I can say about that, and congrats.

I hope, I hope,....when my time comes it is similiar.
Oh hell that looks a fine result.

Do you blokes have a special way to serve or just slice and go. I reckon on a bun etc would be great.

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