First Brisket This Weekend

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Jul 31, 2007
Well I am finally going to smoke my first meat this weekend and chose to do a brisket. I found a butcher near me that has whole briskets for 2.99 a lb untrimmed and 4.99 a lb trimmed. How is that for a price? I am assuming I want the untrimmed to I can trim it myself (am I right?). Also they brisket ahs botht he flat and point so is there anything I should really look for in the brisket? Thanks for all the help and I cannot wait to get started. I have my rub all set and going to go with oak wood.
Sounds like you got a pretty food deal there with that butcher. I too would go with the untrimmed and prep it myself. I know Debi has a thread somewhere around here on prepping briskets. Also check out her site, you should be able to get more info there too. Good luck with that brisket. They can take a good ling while to smoke, so don't make any plans for at least the day of the smoke if not the day after too. Be patient and don't panic when the meat plateaus, its the connective tissue dissolving and it sucks up quite a bit of heat. and remember It's done when it's done, don't rush it. Have another beer.
Good luck with your first smoke. I would get the untrimmed myself. Yes you want the point and flat combined (packer). You will need to give yourself plenty of time. Basic rule of thumb is 1.5 hours per pound. Smoke it until the internal temp hits about 160-170, foil it and continue to cook until internal temp hits 190-195 or so (for slicing), anything over that and it will shred. However I really like it when it shreds. Good luck and dont forget the pics.
Gad! not to gloat, but down here in Tejas I can find untrimmed brisket for $1.50 a lb anytime, $1.35 on most weekends, and 80 cents on Holidays. The problem is pork is expensive as hell. I guess it's as I thought and Texas is full of Bull...
The price just depends on where you are in the country, so you will just have to check a few local places. IMO, whole packer and un-trimmed is what you want to cook.
You can trim the fat to 1/4 inch if you want. And use plenty of rub. I have found that briskets can take alot of rub and alot of smoke.
Hey Jim -

We got pork butts and sholders all over here for $1.99, $2.29 but beef? Forget it! Even Hamburger is $2 for cheap stuff $3 for good stuff. Brisket is the only good deal sometimes as low as $1.99 at Wal Mart. Chucks go around $3.99/lb .

Wanna trade?
god i miss texas.... h.e.b.(a tri state & mexico chain) screws up on occassion & packers are $.15 a lb-- yes thats right... 15 cents per lb. and i'm having mom next day fed ex me fajitas to here in kentucky from there cause ya cannot get them here.... what a world...
Looks like you have all the right advice......get the whole brisket.....but leave the fat on .....remove whatever you don't want after its' smoked ...IMHO.
packers are $1.48/lb all day here. on sale they are cheaper. that is the only brisket i buy- packers. i try and get 9-11 lb'ers. i also try to get one with less fat on top. i use jeff's rib rub on them, and his sauce for the sauce; served on the side. make sure you take your temp reading in the flat.
Debi's definitely got one of the best guides on the brisket!

The only other one I was able to find that dealt a lot with brisket selection (rather than cooking) was this site, but there's almost TOO much information there - too many variables and not a clear line on what's proper and what's not.
sorry for the delay here are the pics...



I was happy with it. I am going to do two more labor day weekend with some pork butts for pulled pork. My wife liked it also so I don;t need to convince her that we need to smoke every weekend!!
Great job CJ! Nice looking brisket! They good pulled too. Sometimes I actually prefer puuled brisket and a save some for making chili - it's awsome in chili!
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