First brisket question

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Jul 30, 2007
Lancaster, PA
Hello all,
Well. I'm going to try my first brisket this weekend (grub for the 1st Penn State football game!)..and I need advice or really an answer from all you "experienced" smokers!! I read about the process of rubbing the brisket with yellow mustard, then putting on a rub..if I do this, should I do it the night before and wrap it up in plastic wrap...or is it ok to do it right before I put it on to smoke??? I would think if you put on the mustard and rub, then wrap..wouldn't the mustard and rub come off when you unwrap to smoke? Does this make sense..or Am I just talking out my my wife always says!!!! Thanks for any advice you can give me...and wish me luck!!!
Hail to the Lions!

I don't use mustard on my brisket. Others do. If you do, slather it the night before and apply the rub, wrap in plastic wrap and let it sit overnight in the fridge. I would suggest that you do two, one each way so you can decide which you like better.

BTW - I'm the only cat in my family who did not graduate from Penn State. I did take a couple courses however. - LOL -The rest of the family has forgiven me. (I graduated from Mansfield State University)

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Thanks for the info Meowey!...BTW..I didn't attend PSU either..I'm a Lock Haven U grad...did some partying at PSU!!
just grew up a fan..and always will be!! See ya

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