First Brisket...need help!!

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Original poster
Jul 4, 2007
North Texas
I am in the process of my first smoke and I'm already hooked. I just hope it tastes as good as it smells when its all said and done.

My brisket has been in for almost nine hours now and I've hit the plateau at 159 F. I'm estimating I should be good to take it out around midnight tonight. However, I'm not serving until tomorrow around noon. It seems almost everyone recommends wrapping in foil with towels in the cooler, which I was planning on doing. How long can I leave it in the cooler? I would think that 12 hours would be way too long for the meat to maintain its temp. Would I be better off putting in the fridge and reheating in the morning? Any recommendations?

I appreciate everyone's willingness in sharing your expertise with all us newbies.
Agree with gypsy all the way! A brisket wrapped up in towels (in foil) will keep its' heat a long time. Granted, it will slowly drop in temp, but! when taken out, get a cattle prod! Believe'll need it!

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