First Brisket and Chipotles....

Discussion in 'Beef' started by colorado_okie, Jun 16, 2008.

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    My town is having a chili cook-off in two weeks. I couldn't just enter with any old plain-jane chili, so I decided to make a smoked brisket and chipotle chili. Well today, I did my first brisket. All I can say is DANG!!!! I rubbed her up good Saturday night with some seasoned salt and lots o' black pepper. I smoked to 170, then foiled until 195. Then I wrapped it up in some towels for a couple hours. I sprayed religiously every hour (except when it was foiled, then I just threw some in) with an apple juice/bourbon (mmmm, makers mark), worcestershire sauce mix. It turned out perfect! I'm really proud. I don't think I could've bought anything better. It's super moist, tender and very flavorful! Since I don't think I'll make another brisket before the chili cook-off, I cubed what I needed for 2 gallons of chili and put it in the freezer. The rest is fair game for tomorrows eats!!!

    I also smoked a dozen large jalapenos for my chiptoles. They look like little raisin's right now, and I'm hoping to get them dried out by chili time!!!!

    My GOSM was also occupied by a rack of pork ribs (my first) that will be consumed tomorrow. I'll post up in the pig forum once we eat them bad boys.

    Smoked Brisket and Chipotle I come!!!
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    Sounds like a great job and the pictures of it I'm sure are coming right?
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    Sounds Good

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