First Brine-First smoked chicken, OH MY GOSH!

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Jan 13, 2007
Naples, Florida
Well, I have been using my Big Green Egg now for 5 years and just started smoking successfully with the last two weeks from what I have learned here. THANKS. I have had many great cookouts but now I am thrilled with the smoking results.

I just finished my first brining on a chicken today, 5 hours in a recipe I copied off of this site. I then smoked it for 4 1/2 hours between 225 and 240 on my BGE using pecan chips. It was a great success and one of the best chickens I have done. Moist, flavorful, etc., etc., etc.

Below are pics of the temp, 1/2 way through and then the final product.

And oh yea, to DeeJayDebi, yes the chicken was waving but it lost its hand pretty quick!!

These pics are out of order and can't seem to get in order...oh well :?

Well on to the next successful smoke.
Absolutely Beootiful!
Great color!
Irwin -

Good thing that bird looks friendly - might be keeping you company now that you be spending all you money on "Big Meat" and smokin stuff!

Thanks Vulcan. It was great. Next will be more spare ribs and as soon as I get the time I want to conquer a brisket. I travel a lot in my work so sometimes I have only a few hours on the weekend to get things caught up before I leave town again. I need to make sure I have at least 10-12 hours to dedicate for a 6-8 lb brisky! 8)
What a mouth-watering Yardbird! Great job! Another South Floridian......Awesome!

BTW, when you post photos on the site, attach them in the OPPOSITE direction in which you wish them to appear! Problem solved!

Cheech, Thanks. I have used pecan several times on chicken and pork and like it pretty well. Give it a try. I also have some grape but have not tried it yet. I usually use mesquite or pecan. I need to expand and try other woods though.
Thanks Jeff for the cuddo's and also the tip on the pics, I will try that next time. It is good to see your post as a fellow Floridian.

Good smokin,
That "sticky" would be appreciated so that many miniutes of frustration can be avoided :? . Mabey instructions on how to resize the awwwwesome photos that are submitted would also help? Thanks again for an awesome site!!! Daun
Thats are only allowed 3 pics per post thru the normal add is a link to image shack..lots of people here use's a photo hosting's all can up load will resize pics for you...check out the tool bar they offer...lots of nice features...does things all automatic..

Good Luck
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