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Down here there are tents set up on every corner! I like the morters!
we have to sneak ours.. got some 2 and 3" mortars and some very large rockets that go about 300' straight up..
we even have them @ wally world here. i'm buying this thing called a 50 caliber. i did a 38 special last wk & it lasted a couple of minutes so this should be awesome. but across the border in tenn. ya can get m-80's & the original cherry bombs... i got me a plan.
I need some of the m80' and cb'... Yeah, here they have fireworks at WW and every corner, and all supermarkets! But, not the good stuff.
Funny thing though, they're illeagle in Florida, huh?
there legal to buy but not to use. in florida you can buy anything they make in florida. and the cops wont sweat ya as long as its around the 4th of july or new years heres a piece of an article from a florida paper...

She shows off the new Cave Buster artillery shells, 12 shots for $22. A silver Air Force jet that shoots flaming balls and comes with a launcher. A Pride of America Special Aerial Display that packs 500 grams of pyrotechnic power, the maximum allowable charge under federal Department of Transportation standards.

She's got explosives called Enduring Freedom and Noble Eagle, and packages with the Statue of Liberty printed on top and a cardboard sign that says: "Make a Patriot of Yourself! Check out our New Items!"

Most of the stuff is illegal to shoot off in Florida.

But somehow, by signing that piece of paper, it's all okay. Sort of . . . .

* * *
"We don't regulate fireworks at all. We haven't issued any citations of that sort in at least two years," St. Petersburg Police Department spokesman George Kajtsa says.

"Technically, it's a misdemeanor. The maximum penalty would be up to a year in jail or a $1,000 fine.

"But we'd never arrest anyone for that. It would be more like a ticket, and we might confiscate the fireworks. But there's not much more we can do unless an officer comes right up on the person while they're actually shooting the fireworks. Other than that, as long as they sign that paper, the law is very difficult to enforce."
i'm heading on down to Billy Jo Bob Ray's fireworks,cigarettes,& discount liquors emporium tomorrow to get some of those m-80's(funny, they look just like dynamite w/ lil' saw marks on them). maybe that'll keep the cows from going under the fence line.
no i live in jacksonville florida we have a phantom fireworks store near us by st. augustine about 1/2 an hour away, you should have one near you there just click location on the top of page

i was jusst in sarasota 2 weekends ago kinda in that area and we stopped to check out the gulf of mexico and that is some sweet ass water compared to jacksonvilles
Depending on where you are in Jacksonville, the Macclenny store may be's on I-10 just a few miles off of I-295 (I grew up in Orange Park, and my parents and in-laws are still in the area). is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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