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Aug 24, 2007
I'm sort of new at smoking meats. I've done it on a grill with a small cast iron woodchip box, but now I've progressed to a barrel smoker with a fire box on the side. I want to start using split logs and I'm looking for a good place to order them from. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm looking forward to learning all about smoking and sharing ideas with this group.
Hello Firebox, and welcome to the SMF. There are plenty of quailfied wood burners on the site, and you'll be getting some great advise real soon.
Here in the middle of Missouri (small town of 26k people), Weslakes (Which I think is the same thing as Ace Hardware) is a really good source of wood. Compared to online it's probably a bit pricey, but they have Oak, Pecan, Cherry, you name it. It will at least let you experiment with different combinations until you find something you like. If you don't have a Weslakes, I'll bet a similar small chain hardware store would carry it as well.

Welcome, by the way. I'm sure you've seen this already, but you can learn more from the folks here than anywhere else on the planet! They know their stuff.
Firebox - welcome to SMF.

I usually cook with white oak and some hickory, both are in abundance here. With pork I prefer the white oak and then I add some apple to it. Fruit woods are harder to get here.

The first couple of times I just googled BBQ Wood and found quite a few sites you can order from (watch shipping $ wood is heavy). Then while searching through the wood part of SMF I got the idea to call a local tree service. I ended up striking up a deal with them to take all fruit woods they get and they keep me in stock with my other hardwoods. As long as you have room to store it so it can season and you can keep it rotated you may want to look at a tree service.

The guy told me he loves the deal we have because he doesn't do enough hardwood to sell for firewood full time. Around here most services spend time cutting Pine (it should be the state tree, flower and bush). BTW it is cheaper than online too. I paid $150 last week for 1.5 cords of split wood. Some is seasoned and some not. By the time I get through what I already had on hand and then through the new seasoned wood the other should be ready.
welcome to SMF. where abouts do you live? that will help determine where you might find some wood. you can get splits at lowes; and chunks at walmart and lowes- big grocery stores here have them. also, look in your local want ads. look for "firewood" or "wood for smoking". we have those ads here all the time. check your local craigslist.
I would recomend a tree service. Many times they will give you all you want if you come pick it up. The problem is getting them to contact you when its time.
Welcome aboard the SMF, glad you found us!
from me, a transplanted redneck from Nashville, TN.
Been looking for an internet "home" for my jones, hope this is it.
I've been half hearted fooling with this for many years, but this year I decided to get a bit better at it.
I have a Hasty Bake Suburban, a Kettle, and a WSM. This winter during cabin fever season I am going to build a simple drum rig, just looks too good to be true.
It is a lot of fun cooking Southern soul food for my Yankee friends, and buying lobster at the boat for 8 bucks a pound is a hoot too!
I am an addicted saltwater fly fisherman, and I live a mile from some of the best striped bass waters in the world.
Howdy, or "Ayuh, how ah ya".
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Welcome to the SMF the best BBQ site on the net glad to have you

I live in an area where Cherries & Apples are big grown. I have made contact with some of the farmers in the area & if I can catch them at the right time I can go cut all I need when they take out old trees. I love to smoke with the fruit woods it is hard to over due the smoke.
When it comes to orchard wood it is not a bad idea to soak the wood because they do spray the orchards with a lot of chemicals & soaking will float some of the chemicals out of the wood.

I use a lot of Cherry from orchards & when I soak the splits in water there is a film that floats to the top.
All of the orevious suggestions are excellent. Where to get your wood depends on many factors, including where you live, the quantity you want/need, and how soon you need it. I get mine from a local guy who prduces and sells wood shavings for horse stalls. The suggestion for local tree companies is a good one also for larger quantities of wood. If you are going to use charcoal supplemented by wood chunks, most hardware, and grocery stores carry them. One word of caution....most people other than those selling primarily for firewood are selling unseasoned wood. This includes the chunks already commercially packaged. If it looks pretty and new, it is unseasoned and not a good idea to cook with, so be sure to buy extra so it will have time to season.

Good luck and welcome to the is an excellent place with wonderful people. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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