Finally I'm Back Home

Discussion in 'Smoking Bacon' started by roger, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. After spending a week in South Texas, I'm finally back home. With little or no internet service it was kind a tough. How'd we servive twenty years ago without cell phones or the internet.

    Stopped by Sams in Houma and picked up a 8lb pork loin "My first canadian bacom", 3 slabs of ribs and a 13lb brisket.

    I'm off work for a week and the smoke getting ready to roll. My wife thinks I'm crazy, she thinks I'm obsessed with meat, I just tell her I'm a carnivore.
  2. richtee

    richtee Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Point out the incisors and ask her what she thought God intended those for, anyway ;{)

    TIP: Good line when meeting a vegatarian!
  3. Rich,

    She thinks I'm crazy but she never backs away from the table
  4. wilson

    wilson Meat Mopper

    Smoke on Baby!
  5. Hey Wilson,

    Seen your thread on your bacon, this my first attempt, I hope it works out.

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