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    No Q/garden view yet because there isn't much to see except a bunch of rows with soaker hose and dead grass. Yes, dead grass. After fighting the weeds for years I took the advice of our extension agent and sprayed the devil out of everything with weed killer. He said that once the plants are up I can wet a mop with weed killer and spot treat as needed.

    Whats in this year so far:

    2 - 30 ft rows of crookneck squash and zucchini mixed
    2 - 30 ft rows of eggplant
    1 - 30 ft row of bell pepper
    1 - 30 ft row 1/2 Jalapeño and 1/2 bell pepper
    2 - 30 ft rows Celeb and Big Boy tomato
    2 - 30 ft rows Cucs with fence/trellis
    2 - 30 ft rows Broccoli
    4 - 30 ft rows red potatoes
    6 - 40 ft rows of SE corn
    1 - 100 ft trellis of pole beans

    All the fruit trees look great 12 - peach trees, 6 fig trees, 5 muscadine vines, 12 blackberry bushes, 20 blueberry bushes, 2 plum trees, 6 mayhaw trees and a persimmon. I have a couple of young pecan trees that haven't leafed out yet but I hope to get a couple of pecans this year.

    Waiting for set development to plant 4 - 40 ft rows of Sweet Potatoes

    The new merliton plant hasn't broken soil yet.

    Had a lot of rain this late winter, early spring so everything had an early start.

    I also have 25 strawberry plants in pots, 25 simpson lettuce in pots, a couple of Spinach plants in pots, and a couple of small citrus trees.

    I direct seeded most of the squash and cucs this year when I normally do transplants. A mouse got in my greenhouse and got into the habit of digging up those big seeds and having a meal. I replanted several times before I figured out what was going on. I think I go the critter and have started covering my new seeds with screen so I hope to fill in any open spots with transplants.

    I lost a lot of production last year because it was so dry and hot during the summer. I can only make it up to the property once a week or so and the plants needed to be watered more often then that. All new soaker hoses and timers this year, I'm hoping watering will be an autonomous event.

    This year I am using all tomato cages instead of stakes. I had a bunch of broken plants because they grow so fast I wasn't able to stay on top of tying the up.


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    sounds like you are gonna have quite the selection of goodies in a couple months. Make sure to post some pics as the season progresses.

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