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Discussion in 'Pork' started by gruelurks, May 25, 2009.

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    After my 4th or 5th try, using the tips on this forum, I finally nailed a perfect smoked pork butt in my MES. We had a charity fundraiser event to raise money for a local food bank so I volunteered to bring pulled pork. I did five 8-10# butts in my MES over two days, and they came out perfect! I used Bone Suckin' Sauce rub on them and let them sit in the fridge overnight tightly wrapped in plastic wrap. In the smoker the next day, I used apple wood for the smoke, and a apple juice/cider vinegar/water mixture in the water pan with some sliced raw onion rings to keep it moist. Once they hit 190, I gave them a quick spritz with the cider vinegar/water mixture and let them get up to 200. Pulling them out, I foiled and wrapped in towel, then did the cooler trick for a couple hours. When they came out of the cooler, the fork just went right in an twisted like it was in butter. They practically fell apart just looking at them.

    I used a sauce recipe I found over here: and tripled the recipe to make a bunch of it. I also did a bacon wrapped fatty mixed with mild green chilies, shredded cheddar cheese, wrapped around cream cheese seasoned with some of the rub I used on the pork. I was surprised how quickly that went at the event lol.

    Thanks again to all on the forums for your tips and advise, I can't get enough of smoking stuff now, and am already looking for my first side barrel woodc/charcoal smoker. [​IMG]
  2. irishteabear

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    Nice job! Glad they turned out well for you. They look great.
  3. carpetride

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    Glad they turned out so well, looks like great pulled pork.
  4. mballi3011

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    Looks yummo from here. hope all yourpeeps have a good meal and opened their wallets for your cause.
  5. gruelurks

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    Thanks for all the kind replies. We were able to raise close to $2000 for the charity, which is a local food bank that helps out hungry families here in the Metro Detroit area. Each $1 equals about 3 meals for them.
  6. rivet

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    Excellent BBQ, and congratulations on your successful fundraiser!
  7. cajunsmoke13

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    Nice job. Good looking grub.

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