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Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by sparky30_06, Jan 26, 2008.

  1. I have some vensioin that I'm going to make into jerky. Planning on using a marinade of soy worcestershire garlic onion and black powder plus add some morton quick cure to be safe. Now who THICK do you guys like to make your strips?? How long do you like to soak in the marinade?? And to what temp do you smoke to??
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    I cut jerky about 1/4" to 3/8" thick, but it is all a matter of personal preference.

    I marinade overnight.

    I smoke jerky at 200º and go by how it looks and how moist/dry it feels till I pull it. Remember, as it is cooling down from the smoker it will continue drying.

    Good luck with your jerky !!!
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    You can't use "some" TQ "just to be safe" If you want cured, you use 1 Tbs per Lb of meat...no more, no less.
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    Also, it takes 24 hours for a cure on jerky cut meat.
  5. Thanks for pointing that out Richtee, i was going to follow the directions on the bag. Is it a good idea to use the cure or just marinade and smoke???
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    Your choice. I cure. Some don't. Found a chunk of jerky in my van console last week, had to be a month old. I ate it :{) Don't do that with uncured, BTW.
  7. Thanks guys for all your input. Yesterday, after putting a meat loaf in the smoker and nursing a hang over I sliced up some Red Stag back straps and tossed them into the marinade. I opted for no cure since it was only 3 1/2 lbs and if it turned out it wouldn't last. Well today wasn't the best day for smoking, high winds, snow and rain mixed with falling temps. So when I got home from work this afternoon I built a nice little wind block and got ready to start smoking. I smoked the strips with Hickory, only thing i have around here right now, and tryed to maintain a temp around 150. Notice i said i tried!!!! it would bounce between 140 and 170. 6 hours into the smoke i wasn't sure if they where totally done, now don't kill me guys, they tasted good but wasn't sure so i kicked it up to 200 for about 45 mins. i got them to a temp of 165 on 2 of the thicker pieces that where hanging so I pulled them. They have a nice taste a sweet pepper taste, very interesting but good. Did learn that keeping the same thickness when slicing them in important too. Thanks again guys can't wait to try it in nicer weather but at least I have something to eat when it's -2 and 50 MPH wind gusts tomorrow.

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