Favorite beer while smoking and/or eating BBQ?

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Interesting post! The real taste of food is when you have a glass of wine with it. The combination of good food and Japanese plum wine takes the wining and dining experience to another level. One again, I loved your post a lot. Thank you for posting all this.
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Moosehead Lager is my beer for BBQ. But I love to try new craft beers all the time.


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Looks like I can get it here. I'll add it to my list of beer to look for on my next run to the liquor store. Thanks!

Should check out Bald Man Brewing in Eagan for good IPAs. Right now depending on your zip code they will even deliver growlers to you!Psyco-Delic Haze is my favorite.

I have two favorite beers... Cold and Free. I haven't come across a beer that I wont try at least once. Goose Island Bourbon County or Surely (semi-local brewery) Darkness for winter. Summer beer usually a lighter IPA or summer ale. Summit, Dog Fish Head, Leinenkugel, just to name a few.
STRAUB only has this out for a few months, but this is my favorite Märzen August through the Fall months...JJ

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I have drank so many beers while smoking meat. I would end up feeling like shit at the end of the day, just exhausted. My wife's uncle turned me on to Michelob Ultra and that doesn't really get me drunk at all so at the end of the day, I feel fine. So Michelob Ultra is my new bbq beer.
how did I miss this.

A very cold beer!

I like most and just about all beers and like a variety. So the fav of the day changes every afternoon about 4
If someone else is out cooking? I'll have a nice IPA, thanks, with Pliny the Elder being the standard. If I'm the one out cooking in the heat, I want it ice cold and going down quick and easy. Rolling Rock gets the job done.
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All depends on the time of year for me. During the warmer months I prefer a lighter brew, Sam Adams Porch Rocker or Summer Ale style. Come the cooler months, definetly Belgians ales along the lines of Ommegang Three Philosophers or Gulden Draak Ale. They are slightly heavier, but so full of flavor. Think holiday seasonal offerings like SA Winter.
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I am a homebrewer and think I make some good drinking beer but with bbq, i prefer something that does not take the emphasis away from the meat. I like PBR as it is a lighter flavored beer that accentuates the flavors, not over power.
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