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  1. phinfan

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    I tried a couple of fattys last night. The flavor was great, but there wasn't much of a smoke ring. I smoked them for 3 hrs. using hickory. Would hickory be considered a less intense or less flavorful smoke?

    sorry no pics
  2. squeezy

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    Don't put too much stock on the smoke ring ... more important ... did it have a pleasant smoke taste?
    I seem to get one no matter what I use or do ... can't understand why some folks don't ???
    Hickory is considered very intense and 3 hours ought to do it too!
    What rig are you using and what temps are you using?
    Hang in there ... it will happen for you!
  3. deejaydebi

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    Smoke rings are nice and pretty but they don't gurantee good Q! It it tastes good you did good!
  4. phinfan

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    I'm a pellet pooper, using a Traeger. I smoked them for 3 hrs. until they reached 165, temp ranged from 180-220. That is what the smoke setting achieves. The brisket and ribs I have done previously both had a nice smoke ring, different smoke, and obviously they smoked longer.
  5. crownovercoke

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    I use hickory primarily as smoke. It is not as pungent as some fruitwoods or mesqite, but more hearty than oak or maple. What it boils down to is how it tasted to you. My advice is keep a log, especially starting out. Then you can know if it wasnt smoky enough smoke it longer at lower temps. Too smokey, shorter time w/ less wood at higher temp. The ring shows penetration not amount of flavor absorbed in the meat... [​IMG]

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