Fatty Wellington

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Jul 2, 2007
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I was thinking about doing something like this for a couple days and finally gave it a try. It turned out great!

First, the recipe.

1# pork sausage (I used JD hot)
~1 cup Shredded cheese (make sure its real cheese not that oiled down crap)
Dry rub (I finally wrote down a rub I threw together, it turned out really good.)
1 sheet of Puff Pastry
Butter or egg wash

stuff the fatty as you normally would, roll it around in the rub, and smoke to a little under temp. I did it for about 1.5 hours at 200 and it was 140.
Remove from the smoker, place on puff pastry and wrap. Brush on egg wash or butter and put in 350* oven for 45 min or until golden brown.

I had a bit of a problem with grease leaking out the bottom, but I had used a oily cheese and the fatty probably added to it too. Suggestions on grease pool prevention are welcome.

My rub I used is as follows.

4T Brown sugar (packed of course, when isnt it?)
1/2T Salt
1/2T Celery Salt
1t Old Bay
1t Onion Powder
1t Garlic Powder
1/4t Cayanne Pepper
1t New Mexico Red chili pepper
1t Cumin


rolled with stuffing

ready for the rub

rubbed and ready for smokin'

My mesquite chunks

Sadly, no action pictures as I needed to run and take care of my screaming baby. Pictures resume at the fatty wrapped in the pastry


cutaway view of the fatty wellington strata. mmmmm cheesy.
Looks tasty.....and you cna lube a truck with it!
All in jest...... After wrapping it up, make small slits or holes on the bottom and cook it on a rack over a drip pan. Have done somethings that get greasy and that worked for me. BTW, may have to try it!
Brennan, Looks great!! Reminds me of my Dad's "Meatloaf Wellington". It's done basically the same way-2 parts lean ground beef, 1 part pork sausage, his "secret spices" and puff pastery.

He placed his "Wellington" on a rack in a broiler pan-it helped the grease saturation problem that you mentioned.
nothin like dinner with a side o bearing grease.

I'll have to try the rack and drip pan method.
Question for ya Brennan..... since the fatty was wrapped, was it able to get a smoked taste to it through the puff pastry?
Once again my mind is read......I was thinking on a Wellington idea but now will just copy this one....looks great!!
I'm w/ crew on the smoke flavor?.......
Smoke flavor is fine since you smoke it before wrapping it in the pastry. Of course, if you want a amokier flavor, there's nothing wrong with smoking it a little longer. Mine had plenty of smokyness to it from the 1.5 hours I smoked it. The thing is, if you smoke it too long you risk over cooking it in the oven after you cover it in the pastry.
I agree a less greasy cheese will save alot of aggravation. I looks very tasty. I wonder what a mozzerella or possibly provalone or pepper jack. Maybe in the butter glaze add some sweet basil. This is a great variation of the fatty. I want to make one soon!!!
That would be good to try with italian sausage. maybe slather some spaghetti sauce on top before you wrap it up in pastry.

I do have to say, the added pastry adds a nice buttery crispiness to the fatty. great texture contrast IMHO.
Thanks for all the compliments folks, for my next trick i'm waking up at 6 tomorrow morning to smoke a brisket Weber Performer style. Poor lil ol' pot smoker is too small to smoke a brisket.
it is a little brisket. It's 3.5lbs. I only have about a 14" diameter surface area to work with on my smoker. Have your friend send me her flower pot Debi.
I do however, know how to improvise. Thats where My weber Performer comes in. I'll make sure and post pics of my progress. I also made up a pretty darned tasty spray sauce for the brisket. I used the same rub for the brisket as the fatty. and i'm gonna try that brisket finishing sauce from the sticky in the beef section.
My ECB is only 16" and you should see what I stuffed in it! If you separate the flat and point you should be able to fit it in there.

Man I love pulled briskets! The left overs make a great chilli too!
Neat idea on the fatty wellington Brennan.

I for one would be interested in the Performer brisket cook. I also have a Performer I just got for Father's Day this year. So far, I have done quite a bit of indirect smoke/grilling on it. It's pretty neat to play with for a change of pace. You can make some awesome chicken with that set-up.

I would probably never actually cook a brisket on it, but I here people talk about doing it. It would be a good post in the Grilling Beef section if nothing else. Not much goes on in that section. Most interested in pics, temps, and times if your up to the task.
Thank ya thank ya, My Brisket thread Is started and I've got pics there and some more are commin.
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