Fatty this weekend!

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Jul 2, 2007
Crossroads, Tx
During this weekend, I will be attempting my first fatty. What is or what should be my target temp for the grill? Also, what temp should the fatty hit before I can pull it off of the grill? Thanks.

Smoke at 225-250 and your done at 160.....enjoy!

Shouldn't take more than an 1 1/2
MMM fatty, yummm. Good luck with it, don't forget the pics.
I just finished 3 Fatties and 2 packs of fingers. The Fatties were JD Maple, Sage. Bold, with Sage being the Best. The fingers ( JD breakfast Sausage ) were just the standard. Cooked at 200 - 225 till 160. Sliced the Fatties with the fingers whole and let the members of the American Legion be my judges. Not a bad word till all gone, then " I didn't get any, make more next time " Sorry No pics.
316 -

You leaving it plain or stuffing it?

Phil - How'd you slice those fatties without throwing at leat one in you mouth? I always munch the first slice - cooks choice!
I smoked my 1st fatty's the other day. One stuffed , one not. I stuck the probe in the unstuffed and when it was done I pulled them both. I didn't put a probe in the stuffed one. Had no problems. 225 till 160-165 degrees. Both were done perfectly in 1 1/2 hours. I let them rest for about 20 minutes.
Yeah the temps will be the same but the cheese might stick to the probe. Just curious is all. I love fatties any way as long as thery're smoked! The little guys seem to like the cheesey ones - maybe it reminds them of McDonalds or something?
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