Fatty question?

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Jun 26, 2007
Central Ohio
I keep reading and looking at all the pictures of fatties, have never heard of them before, and they look AWSOME!! So you just use any type of bulk sausage spread it out and stuff it with pretty much anything right? Kinda like a stromboli or calzone but use sausage for the bread part? Do you guys slice it and make a sandwich or just eat by itself?
Yes & Yes. All of the above, you are going to be sorry after you make the first one because you will now make them daily, that's how good they are. I use Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage and stuff them with cheese,onions, peppers of all descriptions I even stuffed one with a White Castle(small square burger) Double cheese burger and added cheddar cheese. Use your culinary imagination with fatties you will be surprised at how good these are.
You don't even need to stuff them.

I do mine with a rub on the outside and that's all.....delicious.

Had some this morning with eggs....
Use Jimmy Dean or Bob Evans sausage, the cheaper brands contain a LOT of fat.
Just a plain chub of JD smoked is hard to beat. Best straight off the smoker, and it is hard to stop after the first slice!
twister just get the 1lb tube of sausage and smoke it hole just the way it looks when you cut the rapp off or put a rub on and smoke or get crazy and mash it out and stuff it with what ever sounds good you will love them ... I am in the jeffersonville area we will have to get together sometime and smoke some grub
It's true what they say about once you do one, I'm hooked on fatty's and ABT's. Every time I pen the refrigerator I grab a couple of ABT's and a couple of slices off the fatty. Yummy hot or cold.
I have not stuffed one yet, just smoked them naked. If you are going to smoke your first one, my advice is to smoke 2 the first one will disappear very quickly.
Fattys are good anyway you want to eat them. I like them by themselves or as an additive in other recipes like breakfast burritos...yummy
I'm going to try a few of these this weekend. Will do one naked and who knows what with the other ones, I like the sounds of a sharp cheddar with jalapenos!
Hey cowboy, I live in Pickaway county. The only thing close to me you could call a town would be Mt Sterling, about 15 miles north of Washington Court House. Not allowed to say the word "Jeffersonville" in my house, all my wife hears is OUTLET MALL!! Cost me 200 bucks to even say the word.
The possibilities are endless... and the smaller ones dont take up much room on the grill. The only problem is they are so addictive you will find yourself adding 3 or 4 in every smoke session. Not really a problem though. You could also try glazing them. I do enjoy trying new glazes. some are ok and some are amazing.
Hay I'm just now finding myself addicted to the fatty! I've only used JD so far but I'm going to try one with my homemade Italian sausage this weekend. Glaze you say? I've wrapped the last one in a cross hatch of bacon strips, but other than a mop of apple juice and cider vinegar I haven't thought about glazes, how about a few suggestions along those lines?
I did a JD mild rolled in butt rub along with a Boston Butt on my first smoke
last Monday, I loved the Fatty and you can rest assured there will be more
the one this weekend.
So do any of you do the Fatty method using tubes of ground beef or do ya just stick to the sausage? Just wondering cause I got a picture of a sliced sausage/beef fatty burger in my head.
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