Fatty Question

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sigma man

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Sep 9, 2006
North Central Texas
I smoked my first fatties yesterday - four different types at the same time as I smoked some salmon fillets. I have a GOSM propane smoker (with water pan) which stayed at approximately 225 degrees. The salmon was removed when it reached about 145 degrees internally. The one fatty that was probed reached around 135 degrees but just stayed there. The total time in the smoker for the fatties was around 4 to 4 1/2 hours and they never 'finished'. Did I do something wrong?

Thanks for any help and/or suggestions.

Sigma Man
Hmmm, did you flip the fatty's after 90ish minutes? It shouldn't matter, but??? Only other thing I can think of is to verify your thermometers. No reason a fatty should not get done if you kept 225 for over 4 hours. It isn't like a butt or brisket with large connective tissues to break down, it is ground up.

Did you slice them? Did they appear to be done when sliced? How did they taste?
Must be a thermometer problem. Use boiling water and check for the old 212* mark. If you were smoking at 225 - 250*, there is no way the fatties should not have come out perfect in about 3 hours + or -. Keep an eye on the internal temp of the fatty as well as the pit temp at the grill level.
I did flip them at 90 minutes. I sliced one of them and it was not completely done. I finished it in the skillet after it was sliced. The temp of the smoker was from the gauge on the smoker, but I have used the smoker several times and this is the only time the meat has not progressed as expected and this time the salmon finished as expected. (I have used my Maverick thermometer to verify the smoker gauge recently and it was very close.) I had one of the four fatties probed and did watch it go up to around 135 degrees and sit there.

Thanks for the input. I will try them again and see what happens. After finishing them on the stove, they tasted wonderful. Nice and smoky.

Sigma Man
i once had a fatty that was not done when i pulled it out of the smoker. i nuked it some and it was good.
Must have been frozen in the center when you put it in the smoker. Otherwise it would have gotten up to temp in 4 hours.
That has to be the problem cajunsmoker, that's the only way the center wouldn't have gotten done after that long.

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