Fatty and toothpicks...

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Jul 16, 2007
If I cover the top w/bacon slices should I insert some toothpicks (wooden or plastic???) and if so do I flip it halfway through or its not necessary?
ive doin it both ways, if the bacon is thick i use toothpick otherwise i just wrap it around the whole thing ansd the bacon seems to kinda stick to itself. i dont think i would use plastic...not sure if its safe?
No picks for me... I just wrap the bacon around and stick it to itself... works great!
I only use toothpicks to mark them, and I don't flip.

I might have 6 on, I'll put none in the regulars, Sage might get one on the ends, Maple two toothpicks on the end, Cajun one toothpick in the middle, etc.

I have plans for the Maple the next morning, and Cajun into the Red Beans and Rice, so I want to make sure I'm slicing into the right one for dinner that night (or snacks during the cook!)
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