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Jun 14, 2006
I've seen people mention fatties about 100 times on here so I figure I am missing out on something :D

Let me get this straight. You just take a package of Jimmy Dean sausage, open it up and put it on the smoker. Smoke it for 3 hours and flip it half way.

Is that it? Does anything else need done?

Then you just eat it?

I'm going to throw at least one on whenever I smoke something this weekend.

Doug, that's it in a nutshell. For variety, you can first roll the fattie in your favorite rub.

Check out my Gourmet Cowboy Gravy recipe. It is a good recipe for using a fattie. Some will even use crumbled meat from a fattie to do ABT 's. Anything that calls for sausage you can use a fattie.

You don't just eat it, you devour it

Follow Ice's advice. Throw on a few

1 Maple

1 Sage

1 Regular

1 Hot

1 Italian

see what you like. Italian added to marinara, maple added to scrambled eggs, sage added to anything, etc.

Eat the rest :)
Take any flavor fatty that you like, crumble fatty into eggs being scrambled. Put sliced pepperjack cheese (or your choice of cheese) over egg and sausage mixture and lay bun on top. When cheese is dripping and bun is getting happy, eat. 8) Breakfast is served.
You guys won't beleive this.

I did a beef roast today and it turned out great. When I pulled it off, I remembered the fatty I bought, so I threw it on.

Came out and flipped it after 1.5 hours, looked fantastic.

Came out to pull it off 1.5 hours later and realized the smoker was no longer hot. I am using an electric and when my son's AC unit kicked on it must have tripped a breaker and it was not on for the last 1.5 hours.

So I had to throw the fatty away. I just about cried :(

Really looked great when I flipped it though. I am definitely going to try again. :roll:
Doug, sorry to hear about your fattie. Sounds like you need to have a heart-to-heart talk with your son. He needs to understand that your stomach er-um- I mean your smoker has priority over his A/C unit. :P
OK, I finally got it right :roll:

1 hot, 1 regular and 1 sage

You guys were right, good stuff :D
One thing I notice with the fatty, is that the Hot seems Mild, the Mild has no heat, and a regular, is not worth cooking....

You got some good snacks for a few hours there. Enjoy.
Agreed. I wasn't sure about buying the hot because I didn't want it to be too hot for the wife and kids, but I could barely taste anything that was even close to calling it hot. If someone gave it to me and told me it was plain I doubt I would have noticed.

Honestly, I took a slice off the end of all 3 and couldn't really tell a big difference between any of them. My wife said the same thing. They all tasted like sausage.
The name brands seem to be "hotter" than the off brands.

I find the Jimmy Dean Sage to be the best (flavor wise, not heat wise) and the kids love JD Maple. Very strong maple flavor IMO

I will brush with El Yucataeo (sp) sauce if I want heat (the green, not the red)
I used Jimmy Dean. Maybe I cooked it too long. I did it 3 hours but my smoker runs hot. I used my instant thermometer to make sure it was 160 and it was more like 170.

Good idea. Maybe I'll try brushing with some hot sauce next time. I'm a Trappey's man myself :D
A couple of fattie slices on a bagel!! :shock: What will the Rabbi say!! :P

Looks like good eats, Bill and riz!!
I have not made these before either. I have heard others speak about them but seeing the pictures I will just have to fire up the smoker and make some up.

Does anyone know do they reheat well? That is assuming that there will be some left overs
They reheat just fine...use them just as you would a breakfast sausage...warm them up..cook your eggs or what ever...total heaven...I like to fry them with some peppers an onions...throw in some sliced potatoes..make home fries..scramble some eggs...season all with some Tony's...good stuff...Enjoy..

Now you guys did it again...should've stayed off this topic, I was happy just sittin here working, now I've got a fatty sammich cravin :?
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