Fatties for gifts? Wood question?

Discussion in 'Fatties' started by bigoledude, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. I will try using some Louisiana-style ingredients in my fatties. Some of my options are alligator, crab meat, shrimp or, even some Redfish! I wonder how oysters would hold up inside a fattie? Young nutria and wild duck is definitely in the future. For now, I will be forced to use store-bought pork. Hopefully, with the abundance of wild pigs in our area, I'll be able to freeze enough of this to last a while.

    Some vegetable choices might include fresh-pulled shallots with much of the green tops, fully ripe bell pepper, mild Jalapeno peppers, fresh small Tabascos (sparingly), eggplant, onion, mirliton (vegetable pear). maybe some late-season creole tomatoes. I am fortunate to have these many options available. The ability to garden 12 months-a-year also helps.

    This GOSM was given to me. The inside is sorta nasty. noticed the insides of some of y'all's smokers are similar to this one. Should I just heat it up real good to kill the critters and then start cooking? I would really prefer to scrub this sucker down and start from scratch.

    Is Sweet Gum a good choice of wood?

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