Fattie Disaster

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Feb 24, 2007
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I'm SO PO'ed.....tried a stuffed one and it just fell totally apart when I tried to roll it up. It flattened out to an oval about 10 by 8 inches, I put a good bit of stuff in it, and it stuck to the wax paper, tore up and it's in the trash. Man, I'm disappointed, I put good stuff in there.
Thats a shame, sorry it didn't turn out.
I haven't tried it yet but I've read here that after you flatten it, if you put it in the freezer for a bit to keep it really cold it is easier to roll.
I'm sure the experts will chime in shortly.

sorry for you loss
oh man wish you had seen my post under offerings to the fatty gods, it whent like this: "You got it, heres the first ones
I dont have the freezer space but i knew of another little trick,
wax paper sprayed with pam and then the meat spread out and the topping added, then to roll it up you just start it by pulling the paper up and over and keep on rolling it using the paper."

works really slick, after its rolled up on the paper i put some foil beside it and once again pulled the paper up and rolled it onto the foil and then slid the foil and fatty right onto the grate.
I did the freezer trick and figured wax paper was slick enough.....I fished it back out and fried it up for the dogs. Maybe I went too thin, I dunno. Threw some plain ones in the MES with a variation of Dutch's beans and some baloney, two with mustard and rub, one with EVOO paprika pepper and garlic powder. At least I'll eat tonight. Found some very cool bright orange peppers (green pepper type) from Canada (thanks eh) and chopped them big with onions, did some mods on the bean recipe like throwing in some mustard, about ten shakes of the green Tabasco, which is cooler than the red, drained the beans but not dry.
Dogs are fat and happy.
Wow, sorry to hear that, I did a plain JD with Butt Rub on it and it turned out great. I'm glad you posted this because it has helped me in the future
well glad it wasn't a total wast, the dogs are happy
I don't know if this would work but Reynolds makes a non stick aluminum foil called Reynolds Release that supposedly doesn't stick to anything.
I didn't saute the veggies first, because I like a crunchy veggie bite. I think I rolled it too thin (1/2" thick) and loaded too much on it.
I'm the same way with the crisp veggies, but my meatloaf split early cause I put raw ones in...

I think you're online with your own diagnosis.

It's darn tempting to try an sneak as mauch as you can in a small package. Live and learn man...
I rolled mine out to 1/2 inch or less and had it loaded down, as i rolled it
up i noticed a few spots pulling apart but i kneeded it back together with
my fingers as i went.
thanks brothers, I'm going to try again soon, but will take smaller steps. At least the baloney came out delicious, and the beans are awesome. The ten shakes of green hot sauce was a fantastic addition, instead of dry mustard and a jalepeno.....I love taste of hot sauce but don't like the burn, so it was perfect.

The baloney was nice and smokey, did everything for 3 hours at 220. Tasted really nice. Used apple chunks.
Sorry to hear about what happened. I just logged on to see what has been happening before I go to get the meat ready for tomorrows smoke. One of the things I am going to try is a fatty. I have alrady learned more about what I am about to get into than I thought of fromm this post.

Do you think there would be any benifit to putting in the frige over night to set up the meat before smoking or is it all the same just mixing it up and onto the smoker?

Again sorry to hear about the what happened but sounds like the dogs got some good vitals.
i would say no unless you freeze it solid so it wont fall apart, so i let the wax paper do all the work and handling, i used it like a cradle to handle it and to roll it onto the foil.
i not shure what you mean by mixing it up into the smoker.
Thanks, I meant, put it all together roll it up and put it on the smoker right away or is it better to put in the fridge to set up and then onto the smoker.

I think either way it wouldn't matter until I read in one of the posts about putting into freezer.

Did you just use one pound of sausage? 10x8 seems small. I did my first fatty on Wed. From what I read here on the board is to use 2 lbs. When flattened to about 1/4 to 3/8 I had a 16x16 shape. Maybe you had too much stuffing for the amount of meat. I'm sure the more experienced here
will chime in and help you. Good luck with your next one.
guys you dont need to cool or freeze it, roll it with wax paper and then onto foil, slide it onto grate and smoke it if your going to stuff and roll it, you can stuff it in many different ways.

slice the sausage log longways 1/2 way through open up like a hot dog bun and fill with toppings and close up and smoke, do something simple for your first time at this,

you can also use cheese cloth coated with crisco to roll out the meat.

foot note: (ground meat less then 1/2 inch thick will break apart on rolling up) commen fact there, even with beef too.
No way I would have just threw it away. You should have just scraped it all up and made it into a fatty meatlof or something. I don't know where this idea came from, all my fatties turn out and always roll perfectly.
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