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Father's Day Pork Fest...


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...well actually the day before.

Got a couple of racks of St. Louis style ribs seasoned up and ready to go.
thumbnail 5.jpg

Used the Killer Hogs on one and my salt-free KC rub on the other. Now into the refrigerator to rest for a few hours.
thumbnail 6.jpg

I also wanted to do pork belly burnt ends, but didn't have any bellies, so I used a butt. Cut into about 2" cubes, seasoned up with my KC rub, and into the refrigerator for a few. Later, I placed them on a cooling rack to put in my smoker.
thumbnail 3.jpg
thumbnail 4.jpg

What was left of the butt I cut into country style ribs, seasoned, and into the refrigerator, too.
thumbnail 7.jpg

Got to have some sort of appetizer so pork shots is on the menu. I used gmc2003 gmc2003 's idea with smoked sausage, thick sliced bacon, and I used store bought smoked Gouda. I seasoned with Killer Hogs. https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/pork-shots.276391/
thumbnail 0.jpg
thumbnail 1.jpg
thumbnail 2.jpg

Another appetizer is smoked queso dip. Browned a pound of regular fresh sausage, chopped up an onion and some jalapenos, couple of cans of regular Rotel tomatoes, and cubed up a block of Colby Jack cheese. All place in a small aluminum pan and ready to go on the smoker.
thumbnail 8.jpg

Time to get to cooking. Fired up the smoker with some hickory and white oak. About an hour later and the cook chamber is up to 275℉, time to put it all on.
thumbnail 9.jpg

As the cheese melts in the queso, I stir to combine. I then stir it about every 30 minutes. I don't like opening the door that often so I should've put it on one of my Webers. Now it's just fire management and a couple of cold beverages.

After a couple of hours or so, the queso and pork shots are ready to eat, got a starving crowd starting to show up. This should hold them over for a little while. The burnt ends were the color I was looking for so I placed them in a small aluminum pan, added brown sugar and honey, covered with foil and back on the smoker they went for a couple more hours. I didn't get anymore pictures of them.
thumbnail (2).jpg

Couple of hours later the ribs, country style ribs, and burnt ends are ready for sauce. Another hour or so and all is ready to be pulled. I wish I had taken another picture of the burnt ends, they look perfect.
thumbnail (3).jpg
thumbnail (1).jpg

For sides, I have some local fresh picked sweet corn. This corn was picked the day before. The rest will be blanched and put into the freezer.

Our son loves brown rice and we all love squash casserole so my mother-in-law took care of that.
thumbnail (5).jpg
thumbnail (4).jpg

Everything is ready and the family is all here.

Our children asked what I wanted to eat for Father's Day and I told them I'd love to cook for them. The burnt ends were done using Malcolm Reed's recipe except I used Boston butt instead of pork belly https://howtobbqright.com/2017/04/17/pork-belly-burnt-ends/



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WOW now that's a good looking feast.

Point for sure


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Good looking meal! Happy Fathers Day to you Sir!


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Look darn good.....Gonna have to do up some of those Pork shots.


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Holy pig Batman. That looks killer and that corn looks really good.


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Wow! Everything looks really good!
Great job!


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That's a lot of Tasty Looking Vittles at the GonnaSmoke GonnaSmoke House !!!
Nice Job!


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