Fathers Day Goodies

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Jul 3, 2005
Ripley WV
I made a pretty nice haul for Fathers Day.new meat accesories,and something to get rid of used bones.

Good question Fish,Ihe doesnt have one yet,how about some suggestions.Hes half Bouvier/half black lab.
Looks like you cleaned up. That's a neat looking bone disposal you got there. Has a smoky look to his outer finish. Could smoke wind up as part of his name!!!
Congrats David nice tools and cute pup! I just can't resist a puppy!

Great minds think alike Chad I was going to suggest Smoky too!
yea, I didn't get anything for the smoker this year....but did get a 3.5 cubic foot cement mixer I've been wanting for some time.....makes it alot easier then mixing in a dang wheelbarrel!!!
Nice haul dacdots... I especially like the bone disposal unit! I agree, Smokey really seems to be the name for that cute little feller.

For Father's Day, I usually get the gift of doing what I want to do... like going fishing or whatever. This year, I went to a big slot car race in Gaithersburg, MD. I had fun, got whupped up on and lost, but really had fun. Afterwards, I went home to my lovely bride, mixed up some martinis and hit the pool.

Great day!
Since my Pappy's Day was spent partially out of town the wife waited til yesterday to "give" me my present (I had to drive with her to pick it up). I had mentioned that I wouldn't mind having one of the Char-Griller Duo's with a SFB... Well that's what I got. Pics when I get it seasoned and fired up.

Thanks to Mama!
HawgHeaven you have inspired me.I wanted to give him a French name due to the breeds roots in France,so I give you Smokey Beaux [Bo]. Thanks for everyones help.
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