Fathers Day cooks?

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We had some family and friends over today and did 6 racks of ribs

Sadly that's the only picture I got today, but oh well. Probably take the boys fishing tomorrow, or do something fun.
Happy Father's day guys 👍
So, plans for tomorrow?

I‘m battling pneumonia, so just throwing a rack or two on the pellet pooper and watching golf, and will live vicariously thru your infinitely more interesting exploits. :emoji_disappointed:
Oh no I had it last year and it was tough!
Hope you fell better soon Inscrutable!

Maybe grilling some chicken thighs tomorrow but sure want to try the party ribs so still undecided 🤔

Have some sliced pork butt in marinade for tacos Al pastor. And made a non-keto version of Jeff's Key Lime Cheesecake for dessert. My wife told me last night after I finished prepping everything "Thanks for making your own Father's Day dinner!"
So, plans for tomorrow?

I‘m battling pneumonia, so just throwing a rack or two on the pellet pooper and watching golf, and will live vicariously thru your infinitely more interesting exploits. :emoji_disappointed:
I'll be watching The Open too...but not after getting some work done around the property. I dont really buy in to Hallmark Holidays, real men dont need a "special day". I dont even care to celebrate my birthday...seems narcissistic to me.

I'm grilling lamb burgers for me and the wife. Something different. Sliced blue cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato and thin sliced cucumbers.

Took the parents to Mexican Friday for Mother's and Father's day. We miss mother's day because they are still snow-birding in FL. I have to pretend to like the Hallmark Holidays for others...like my wife! But she knows, inside I dont give a rip!

Dad and I (I had them build right next door to us) had father and son time sawing up a couple trees in the woods yesterday. I need to get some firewood stacked before I have hernia surgery in 7 weeks. It'll be a couple months before I can even think about heavy work after that.

Parents go to church morning and evening on Sundays. They would usually not go tonight if I planned a meal for them, but they are in charge of the music so they feel they need to be there...thus, Mexican Friday night. I knew I would be too sore from chainsawing to feel like going out last night.
Now those are some cheeks I want to pinch...a big chunk of fatty meat from...
Now wait a dang minute, being as it's fathers day I figured someone was supposed to be cooking for me for a change lol.
Anyone with children who want to make a big deal out of fathers day, are blessed. Even though I think Hallmark Holidays are silly...and driven by corporate greed and consumerism; if my kids had their act together and did something special for me, I would pretend real hard to care about the holiday we dont even get a day off for!
I am mowing hay tomorrow but want to cook something, hopefully
Not hay, but thanks for reminding me mowing is a task I forgot I needed to do today! Sweet...more stuff to do...
Bwaa HaHa! Might happen on mothers day from your kids.
Father's Day? What are you cookin?

Me. I've decided for tomorrow I'm having mustard on onion sandwiches. Would you like a slice of cheese added?
Guess you wont be getting many kisses then! I could totally eat an onion and mustard sandwich, but no cheese for me. That would muck up the texture!
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Happy Father’s Day to all
Everyone kept asking me what I was cooking so got a late start but threw on a butt. Trying fast and hot for the first time. Will also make some Mac and cheese and scalloped potatoes not sure on veg yet.
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