Fassett's Breakfast Sausage Seasoning

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Jul 23, 2008
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I had to make up a new batch of breakfast sausage seasoning, and I follow a recipe by weight:

8 oz. salt
2 oz. black pepper
1 oz. sage
put in ziploc and shake thoroughly, then use ½ oz. per lb. of meat

However, this time, for those that don't have scales, I also dumped the contents of each into appropriate measuring cups and come out with:

¾ cup salt
½ cup black pepper
½ cup sage
put in ziploc and shake thoroughly, then use 1 tbsp. per pound of meat

You still have to have a pretty good idea of how much pork you have and the measurements are not as exact as weighing the ingredients (how coarse is the pepper ground, same with salt, etc.) but it should be in the ballpark.
Hope this helps!
Thanks pops for the recipe and really thanks for the one withouta scale too. I don't have a scale but I'm gonna try this one like Bob said just get some already ground pork and use this seasonings on the meat and BAM you have some good sausage. Almost kinda maybe homemade sausage. You have to do what you have to do.
Thanks Pops. Just made a batch of B sausage (maple from cabelas) using venison and pork butt.

What does this recipe taste like??? Rough idea/comparison.
I want to try this next I think...
Tastes like country breakfast sausage. It's not pretty like some seasoning with fancy coloring, just good lean sausage to eat with eggs or pancakes, etc. Well seasoned but not overpowering, just simple salt, pepper and sage. Dad sold thousands and thousands of lbs. of it out of his store, he was famous for it. I know he's rolling over in his grave that I'm giving away his recipe, but I"ll never have a store of my own and I want others to experience how good it is.  Also, it is flexible, too.  Decrease the salt by a third or even half, or decrease the amount per pound from ½ oz. to 1/3 oz. or even ¼ oz.  Add your own spices, too!   Hot, sweet, tart, sour..... anything you like!
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I like that pops and have tons of fresh sage........

I have figured out proportions myself to taste,so the cup amounts are nice...I do smaller batches anywho....
I used the recipe to make some, that was pork/venison mix 50/50. I do like it very well though it seems just a little salty to me. Maybe next time I will try 7 parts salt and see how that is. Thanks for the recipe beats going to town and buying a mix!
Pops, Morning.... Thanks for the recipe... another page in the SMF cook book.... Now if I only had time to....  

Question about the sage - I assume this calls for fresh sage. 1oz would be a lot of ground sage. What would be a conversion for dried ground sage, since I don't have any fresh at home right now?

Just sage you get in a bottle.  I buy it by the lb. from Butcher Packer.  Definitely not fresh leaf sage, it's all pounded, grounded, rubbed and clobbered up.
Just mixed up the seasonings and have the shoulder thawing out now. Making 12lbs..I did add some Red Pepper Flakes to mine...
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