Famous rib rub, help!!

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Deer Meat

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Aug 8, 2006
Southwest Pennsylvania
hello ,

I am trying to buy the rub and sauce combination from this forum and am not able to. I keep getting an error that says sellers paypal account dis-abled. or something like that.

any help wpould be appreciated.
Since there is no other suggestions yet deer meat try going to this site http://www.smoking-meat.com/ and down towards the bottom on the left hand side is a place to click that says "contact us".

It sounds like there has been some trouble with buying the recipes and receiving the e-course as of late. Keep trying, it's a great bunch of guys and it will be worked out eventually.

If you haven't done the e-course it's full of good info if your new and great review even if you are experienced I think. You'll get 5 emails over 5 days covering various areas of smoking kind of in a daily theme or group. Good Luck!
That should have been a very temporary problem.. I went to a local store the other night while it was storming and instead of them charging me $137 for my purchases it ran the $137 charge through about 6 times and threw everything into the negative.. :evil:

It took me a day or two to get it worked out with Paypal customer service but should be perfectly fine now..

As far as the eCourses.. many ISP's have super tight spam filters (a good thing in most cases) but they tend to catch quite a few legitimate emails including the 5 emails that make up the eCourse.

Most ISP's have a way to whitelist an address or to input an "allowed" list of email addresses. If you know how to do this or can ask your ISP how to do this then you can input the email address "[email protected]" and you will get all 5 emails in sequential order at the rate of one per day.

I plan to post instructions for whitelisting email addresses on yahoo, aol, hotmail, msn, and several other major email providers but until then just let me know if you are missing days and I will have them sent manually to you as an attachment to get past the spam filters.

By the way.. thanks to all of your wonderful testimonies that I have been recieving lately on the website, the recipes and the eCourse.. it is a great incentive
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