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Failed Attempt - Wicked Baked Beans - Opinions Please!


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This was my second time making Dutch's WBB's. The first time I made them in the oven and they were nothing less than fantastic!

This time I decided to get creative (mistake #1) and actually smoke the WBB's. So I fired up the smoker and got it up to temp while I was preparing the beans. I added a few small dry chunks of mesquite wood and stuck the beans in. I thought a little smoke flavor would bee great for these beans (mistake #2).

After the beans reached 160 I pulled them and brought them in the house for a test taste. YUCK! they tatsed like burned wood, not like a the gentle hint of mesquite smoke I wanted and was attempting.

Here is what I think I did wrong:
1.) I used to much wood again! - darn I gotta get used to this new smoker.

2.) I really think I should have soaked the wood chunks, in water, so they would not "burn" and would have just smoldered & Smoked. But with my kind of smoker (Smokin' Tex PRO 1400 - like a Cookshack SM009) everyone tells me they don't soak the wood at all?

So what do you guy's & gal's think? Should I have even attempted to kiss the beans with smoke or is this just not done?


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when i do the beans i put them in the smoker with the rest of the food and have never had a problem the mesquete wood has a stronger flavor then hickory try not using as much wood next time or a different wood such as hickory


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Hey Nauidvr1, I do just like salmonclubber does and smoke them with my other meat normally with hickory. Beans have always been great.
Let us know if you get it figured out.


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I don't remember what alls in the beans but there must be sat pork, bacon or fatback in there someplace. Try smoking the that by itself then adding it to the beans.

Proabably just to much smoke ...


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Me too. I smoke mine under whatever pork I happen to be smoking. Let the drippings add a little more flavor. The beans are already tender, so it doesn't take much smoke. And I agree, mesquite is too robust for beans.


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Thanks all,
I will try again, and again, and again, til I get it right. Just gotta remember to use 1/2 the wood I think is necessary.

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