F-LC or B-LC-700 vs T-SPX

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Jan 11, 2024
I'm wanting to make Stanley Mariansky's traditional dry-cured pepperoni and it calls for T-SPX and fermenting for 72 hours at 68 degrees. The recipe has .2% dextrose and .3% sugar. I only have F-LC and B-LC-700 starter cultures. Can I slow ferment with either of these cultures. Would the results be way different fermenting at the same temp/time that the recipe calls for but using one of these different cultures? TIA
FYI, if anyone is interested - I emailed Chr Hansen and asked them the above question and I received a quick reply. Pretty impressive!

Hello and thanks for the note. A great book by the way😊 You can use either of the culture you have for a slow fermentation. The time to pH is determined by the temperature you choose. If you raise the fermentation temp, you will drop pH faster… if you lower the pH temp, you will get to pH slower. So below is what an acidification curve will look like at low temp using B-LC-007. The culture will be more so a flavor influence at these temps vs the performance AND both F-LC and B-LC-007 are bioprotective cultures – meaning they provide food safety. Hope this helps and good luck!

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