F-16 vs B-52

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    A B-52 (Buff) was lumbering along when a cocky
    F-16 flashed by. The jet jockey decided to
    show off.

    The fighter jock told the Buff pilot,
    "watch this!" and promptly went into a
    barrel roll followed by a steep climb.
    He then finished with a sonic boom as
    he broke the sound barrier.

    The F-16 pilot asked the Buff pilot what
    he thought of that. The pilot said,
    "That was impressive, but watch this!"

    The B-52 droned along for about 5 minutes
    and then the Buff pilot came back on and
    said "What did you think of that?"
    Puzzled, the F-1 6 pilot as ked, "What the
    hell did you do?" The Buff pilot replied,

    "I got out of my seat, stretched my legs, went to
    the back, took a piss , then got a cup of
    coffee and my cinnamon bun out of the oven."
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    LMAO ... that was a good one!

    Blue side up! [​IMG]
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    You don't get old being a fool...

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