Explanation of what we need for the Home Gardening category

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Jun 28, 2005
Tulsa, OK
The smoking meats category is broken up into pork, beef, chicken, lamb, etc... the gardening category should be broken up into sections as well probably and I need your help in doing this.

Please post your ideas for sections and Jeff from Florida and I will use the ideas to determine how it should be laid out.

Thanks for your help.. you guys are the greatest and it is no wonder that this is the best forum online hands down.
Jeff, thanks for the shot! Here's a few ideas for organizing a "Growin' Yer Own" section.

Sub Sections:
Seed Starting Indoors (For us Northern Types)
Seed and plant Sources
Equipment Sources
Tips'N Tricks
Growin' Herbs
Growin' Veggies
A section dedicated to peppers
When to plant
USDA Zone Chart
"I Like Doing Business With..... POSITIVE feedback only! No trashing!
I am at a block for a name but there should be a section where we can tout how much of our own stuff went into a recipe. I can make a spaghetti sauce, meat included, from my production.
Jeff from Tulsa, you said we are the greatest but you give us the tools to work with. When we wanted a sausage section we got it. And look at it! The Topic for Growin' Yer Own has had 140 plus hits in a short time. And let's not forget that a few benign ad banners would be welcome. too! Everybody likes a deal!
Thanks again!
Jeff and Monty,
Sounds like we might be off and flying! I really like it. You might want to cover it under a broader topic like herbs etc. but as much as we use them and as much interest as we have seen in them, I'd suggest a sub category on peppers. I know that's a little broad and you might want to be a little more specific ..... like types, warmth, growing times, recipes for use/pickling etc.

Fl. Bill
Way to go Monty! I've sent for a Henry Fields catalog and can't wait for Spring to arrive to kick off the growing season.

Now about them banner ads- tulsajeff tried 'em and for those of us with slow dial ups it took forever for a page to load. Also the ads didn't pertain to the Forum subject matter and tulsa discontinued them.

See the thread Oh My Gosh-We've Been Invaded at the top of the Forum page in Announcements
Thanks for the encouraging response, guys. This new section should round out our forum nicely!
Dutch, the ads that originally appeared here were horrible and I chimed in on them in that thread. But there are other types of banners that are far more benign like the one TulsaJeff has for his rub and sauce.
I have been getting lots of catalogs, too! Just no time to sit down with them. Looking to buy a new tractor next spring and open up some more acreage. Keep the faith!
Ok, Sir Monty I see what you mean (tulsajeff's Rib rub and sauce banner at the top of the forum page). Do you think you can talk him into giving up his primo ad spot? :D
Well, Dutch, I doubt if Tulsa Jeff would give up his corner but on my screen there is a good sized blank spot next to your handsome image. Dunno if it would help or hinder! :D
Fla Bill, excellent idea! A section devoted to producing peppers from mild to wild. I like it! As a matter of fact I will edit my original post and include it.
Thanks guys! Looking forward to more input! We are not in a rush, Jeffs so please hang with us while the ideas flow!
Another point to ponder is that we do not want to duplicate any segments already incorporated into the forum. Posts for recipes should still go to the main forum and so on.
Another section should be dedicated to:
Soil Ammendments
To include fertilizers, compost, PH levels, soil testing, cover crops
And of course, prominently displayed, a big welcome to beginners, just like the main forum. People have to feel comfortable before they will participate.
There's gotta be more folks who have $.02 to add to this section! Sound off. Even if only to agree that you like what you see so far! Or, more importantly, to disagree!
Let's hear it!

It seems to me that you've got everything pretty well covered as far as categories. I agree with everything you've suggested so far. I do have one thought though. Perhaps a small category to discuss methods of preservation. Fresh produce that is not consumed immediately can be canned, pickled, dried or frozen for later use. I, for one, would like to learn more about different recipes for pickling and canning. What do you think? :)
WOW! What an idea! That could actually be a whole new category! "Preserving the Harvest". One segment for canning veggies, one for drying and preserving herbs and spice value items, and one for canning meat and fish and one for cold smoking meat and fish. I think you are on to something here! (We already have a jerky thread!)
Jeffs take note please! this really rounds out the whole shebang.
Thanks millions Brian!
I'm up for a Canning Section too. Before we had rug rats running under foot, the Bride and I always managed to put up sweet pickles and beets as well as jams. Since we're moving into a house that has fruit trees-2 cherry, 1 apple and 1 peach as well as a grape vine (variety unknown) we will definatly be canning next year for sure! Good call Brian
If the product of the fruit tree/bushes can find a way of ending up in the smoker then why not. We do have a forum for Fruits, Nuts & Vegetables.
i meant as part of the garden.

soem suggested catagories where
Tips'N Tricks
Growin' Herbs
Growin' Veggies
A section dedicated to peppers

just figured fruit trees and bushes would work too
We have a lot of great suggestions.. let me talk to the moderator man Jeff from Florida himself and get his ideas on this so we can get it rolling.

Give us a couple of days to iron out the details and if it takes too long feel free to holler at me.. I get side tracked real easy and sometimes a reminder is all it takes
Thanks for the attention, TulsaJeff! This part of the forum should be dedicated only to producing fruits, nuts, veggies. The fruits, nuts, veggies area in the main forum is for recipes for the same and both areas should remain uniqely distinct. IMHOP of course!
Once again I would like to thank everyone who has chimed in on this subject. I am hoping that we can get a few gardeners to get into smoking and a few smokers to get into gardening!
Just wanted to follow up..... hope we can get this one kicked off fairly soon. Planning is under way and soil preparation will not be too far into the future ...... down south. Can we start posting and if so, to what?

Fl Bill
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