Explaining Men to Women by GnuBee

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    If I dont want to answer My Wife, I'm quite deaf so I pretend I don't hear her. It usually works, but if she then starts yelling loudly I interrupt and say just a minute Hon I need my hearing aids then I go into the bedroom as if to get my hearing aids. I take a good stiff drink to weather the storm and dull the agony, then I go out once again and pretend to listen more intently this time.

    When are Women going to learn we are interested in very little and can only retain a like amount.
    Everybody loves Raymond star Ray Ramono said it best........ "Not a lot going on up there."

    Ladies let me introduce you to the term FIFO .... first in first out. Sometimes known as GIGO ....... garbage in garbage out. All men have this, Women do not.

    Men don't have the infinite storage area that women do in which to keep a vast assortment of innocent comments. To be Kept at the ready just so they can be dragged out down to the smallest detail anywhere from 35-85 years later just so it can be used to punctuate a current argument.

    It goes in, a few nano seconds later, it goes out. Simple as that. We aren't remembering it because it isn't there anymore. Recovery isn't possible.

    The next amendment to the Constitution should be to put a Statute of Limitations clause on The dredging up old arguments from the current 106 years to say about 5 years. Of course this may lead to an upsurge of almost 5 year old arguments brought to the fore so the fairer sex won't lose their data base every 5 years. It might work but truly I don't know.

    And fellas when your wife says do I look fat in these? The correct answer is do I look stupid in these?

    If a women asks how old do you think I am, same correct answer , how stupid do you think I am?

    Once a girl quits wearing ponytails and snapping bubbles from a wad of double bubble We have no Idea of what her age might be, and for the most part we don't care. Its sad but true.
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    Very true but the last part was the most accurate and funny!

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