Every pizza needs bacon

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Feb 22, 2014
Central IL
I'd planned to make pizza with some of my Pop's brine bacon a few weeks ago after his birthday, so I was even more committed in light of his recent health problems.

The dough is an overnight no knead variety that couldn't be easier.

The sauces usually include a homemade roasted garlic-based sauce, or a grilled tomato-based sauce, or bbq sauce.

The toppings are customer's choice... as long bacon is one... :emoji_wink:

I start with a big chimney of RO Natural, then use whatever wood chunks or small splits I have around to get the floor to around 600*, though there is a lot of variation across the floor and between pizzas. As Al has attested to, the KettlePizza attachment for the Weber is fantastic.

All warmed up (plus a little)...


First pizza going in and coming out... pepperoni (youngest son broke the #1 rule!)...

Second pizza, roasted garlic and bacon...


My pizza, bbq grilled chicken, bacon, and fresh pineapple...


Good stuff!
I need one of these for camp. A friend of mine there ran a pizza shop for many years and turns out some great eats. This goody on the grill will put them over the top. Great work.
Thanks all! Hopefully I won't go 2 months before the next time I make them again now that the weather is finally improving.
Do you roast your own garlic? If so, do you have a quick recipe for that?

I go to Blaze for lunch from time to time and one of the best toppings is the roasted garlic. I had looked for some recipes for the whole clove roasted but didn't find much, and yours looks awesome.
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