ET 732 probe test question.

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Oct 19, 2016
Ogden Utah
I found a few old posts on this subject but no info about a resolution.

I tested my original ET 732 probes and got an ice water reading of 41 and a boiling water reading of 207. Water should boil around 204 degrees at my elevation

Also tested at the same time was a digital stick thermometer (30 & 203), The last probe that works on my old ET 73 (32 & 204) and a Oregon Scientific meat thermometer (32 & it maxes out at 199).

Just got a set of ET 732 hybrid 6 foot waterproof probes and they read 43 & 207.

I'm assuming that my unit might be off as four probes 2 of which have never been used all read about 10 degrees high on the low side? 

Anyone else have this problem? Did you get any resolution from Maverick?

I'm doing some cheese and nuts tomorrow so I will see what the ET 732 probes read compared to the old ET 73 probe. Hopping that it's a non issue at smoking temps.
The science of the freezing and boiling point of water does depend on several variables. You already are making adjustments for elevation, which is one of the variables. You must be at 4,000 feet elevation to get a boiling point of 204 degrees.

The first thing that can screw up your calibration is by using water from the tap. The minerals and other elements in tap water can change its boiling point. The only correct way to do this work is by using distilled water.

The next thing that is important is to stir the water. This is important for both the ice water as well as the boiling point experiment. You would think that because water is a fairly decent thermal conductor that every part of a pot of water would be the same temperature. However, that is not the case.

You also need to make sure that the water is at a full, roiling boil. Just because there are a few bubbles coming up from the bottom of the pan does NOT mean that the water is boiling. You need to see a lot of steam escaping, as well as seeing a huge number of bubbles.

When doing the ice water bath, it really helps to use crushed ice. Even if you don't have a way to easily crush ice, you should at least make sure that the container is packed with so much ice that there is ice from the very bottom to the very top of the container. Then -- and this is important -- you must constantly stir the solution, and do so for a couple of minutes before you take your readings.

Finally, it might be useful to also test other thermometers that you have. The ideal is to use a Thermapen thermometer as a reference. It is a marvelous device for many reasons, but one of them is that each and every unit is calibrated at the factory, and the company provides you with a custom calibration card, done for your device, that shows their actual measurements, on your specific unit, for both the freezing and boiling measurements. Because of the physics of how the sensor in the Thermapen works, (I'm pretty sure it is a diode), you are guaranteed that all temperatures in between the freezing and boiling point should be perfectly accurate, if the two endpoints are calibrated correctly. I think the Maverick uses the same technology, but I don't think they pay as close attention to the individual unit calibration.
Well considering that I had 3 other thermometers in the test that read 30 to 33 degrees and 203 to 204 degrees I'm sure my water was cold and hot even though it was tap water and I didn't have ice packed clear to the bottom. The ET 732 read 207 degrees in boiling water where the others read 203 to 204 but I'm ok with that as a few degrees doesn't mean much either way. My concern was the ET 732 reading about 10 degrees high while in 32 degree water and how far that 10 degree difference carried up the scale. In reality I guess a 10 degree difference really isn't that much.

All this work to get a temp in water I just don't buy. I dumped some ice in a glass then ran a little tap water in it and tossed in the probes and right away 3 of the 5 in the test came down to 30 and 32 degrees while the other 2 read 41. I stirred the ice water and nothing changed. Mind you the probes were all mixed up in the glass so it's not like 2 of the probes were in a magical warm spot. The probes were then taken out of the ice and set in boiling tap water were they came up to basically the right temp. After the boil test I put them back into the ice water were each probe read exactly what it read the first time.
I just did a quick Google search and found several people who found their 732 was off. They contacted Maverick and were able to get a replacement.

There were many questions about whether they was a way to calibrated the 732, but I did not find any post that answered that question.I don't think it can be calibrated.
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I'm going to see today how far its off up the scale. Right now I have cheese in the box, the ET 73 is reading 35 while the ET 732 is reading 45. Once the cheese is done I'll add some heat and smoke some almonds so I will compare the two as the box comes up to 200 degrees. I did warm up the smoker and both units read within a couple degrees of each other but I wasn't watching things close as I was getting the cheese, butter and salt ready to go.

Were at a brisk 23 degrees in Northern Utah this morning.

Thanks for your help johnmeyer.
I have a 732 with 4 different probes. I also have a thermopen. I must be the luckiest guy in town, but all of my readings were off by a whopping 2*. I'm having some problems with my 732 remote receiver. I'm going to look very closely at my paperwork and if it can't be fixed, will be looking at the "smoke".
Thanks for your help johnmeyer.
I didn't help much.

I did finish my Google search when I got up this morning and found this:

Maverick Support

Part way down that page, they state this:

I tested my thermometer in boiling water and it reads 208ºF instead of the expected 212ºF. Is there anyway to calibrate my digital thermometer?

No, there is no way to calibrate our units. Our digital food thermometers are designed to be most accurate at the median of the typical food-doneness temperature range (approximately 160ºF) with increasing tolerances at minimum or maximum temperatures.  All of our digital thermometers have a tolerance of +/- (3-4) degrees F so it is normal for the temperature readings to vary by a few degrees.
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Similar problems.  Not impressed with the ET372.  Testing a brand new one here.  Used 3 different thermometers, and the ET372 gives the least consistent results -- see images below.  Not sure what is wrong here.  Feedback is welcome. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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