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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by shellbellc, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. shellbellc

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    OK I started another thread regarding brat's and Gypsy responded to that with a link to a sausage site in Europe. Well looking through the site there is this ingredient called rusk that they say is absolutely necessary when making sausage...It's call rusk, I've never seen it listed in any recipes, is there another name for it over here????
  2. fatback joe

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    Did a search and found this info.........hope it helps.

    Butcher's Rusk
    To the British Butcher Rusk is a dry biscuit broken into particles, sorted by particle size and sold to Butchers and others for use in sausage manufacture. Various particle sizes are also used in Burger manufacture and in the manufacture of Faggots and other offal products. Contrary to popular belief the rusk is not primarily a "filler" used to "bulk-up" a meat product but used for a "technological purpose" [2] namely to bind the meat together and give proper texture. Though originally made from stale bread this is now called "Bread-rusk" and a yeastless variety called simply "Rusk" is now more commonly used.
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    thats about what i got too- buscuit or hard tack-crumbled for filler. i bet black bread or a type of rye would work well. i've seen black rye used in blood sausage.
  4. t-bone tim

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    Shellbellc....use bread crumbs ,,,it'll work just fine in place of rusk,,,it's just needed as a binder to hold things together.
  5. cheech

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    We used to eat them all the time. It is a round piece of very light dry toast. If you have a dutch store near by you will find them there other wise dry toast will work. If not let me know and I will get the name of my local store that does internet sales ( it would not cost a lot to ship it because it is so light)
  6. dacdots

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    Shellbellc,many recipes I have used for sausage call for powdered milk as a binder.It also helps with moisture retention which means your sausage will be more juicy.
  7. coleysmokinbbq

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    Once upon a time...Nabisco made Holland Rusk...seems they don't make it anymore now...[​IMG][​IMG] is now an imported product in the Reese Specialty Foods family!...[​IMG]...and it can be found in most grocery stores...

    Here's a pic of what to look for...
  8. deejaydebi

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    I use carnation dry milk instead of bread, crackers or soy meal Always works for me

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