Enough ice for a giant beer cooler

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Sep 26, 2006
Who else has gotten socked in w/ ice over the last few days? We have about 6" on most of the side roads, and everything else is totally coated. Looking @ the forecast, it looks like it might be next week before things get back to normal.

Anybody got any good pics of it?

Dickey,we dont have any ice here in WV but two years ago we had a terrible ice storm and its effects can still be seen to this day.It was three days before I could get to a town 45 miles away that had power.Im just glad I have other ways of cooking,plenty of charcole,coleman fuel,and kerosene.You could go outside and the big tree limbs breaking sounded like a young war starting.My stepson is at Ft. Sill and he says its bad there,I feel for you having been through it myself.Take care and keep the smoker going,David
Yeah, when the NBC evening news starts off w/ a reporter on location in your town talking about how bad the weather is, you know it's kinda nasty out.

The main roads are getting alot better, but everything else is still coated. It hasn't been above freezing since Friday. It's supposed to get into the low 30s tomorrow and Friday, but they're talking about some more"wintry mix" on Saturday and Sunday. Kinda looks like it'll be mid week next week before things start to shape up.

I'm with ya Dickydoobbq - I was out of power from Sunday afternoon til 9 am this morning. Nuthin but ice, sleet, and everything frozen, then today we got some snow flurries. Can't wait til the weekend when it is all gonna get the "icing" on the cake with more wintry mix. I've got limbs down in the yard, good thing is - there's maple, oak, and a small amount of hickory and walnut.

Almost ready for spring already

Keep Smokin
Came thru here today, but we lucked out. Just a little sleet and light snow. Enough to cause everyone to freak out and go home early :roll: Supposed to get a return visit on next tuesday. :(
I've been there and I understand what you guys are going through. I can remember back when I was living in Atlanta, we had a really bad ice storm. I think it was in the early 70's. Anyway, the ice storm moved in and we were without power for six and a half days. The fish in our aquarium died. Heat is a wonderful thing. Here in Florida, things are still OK but we're thinking of you. Hope all fair well and there aren't any really serious problems. And by all means, I hope there's a warm trend coming. I wish you warmth!!
Yeah, they're talking about 6-9" of the white stuff here on Sat.&Sun.. We still haven't been above freezing.

This crap is stealing the precious last 2 wks. of our duck season. I don't mind hunting in the weather, but the sloughs are all frozen over, the feed feilds are covered with ice, and my hunting boat is so full of ice that I'm afraid to move it for fear of breaking an axle due to the excess weight. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Oh well, I don't guess there's much sense in lamenting, it doesn't change the situation.

We had ice from dec. 29. Out of elec for 12 days. Ran generator after day 5. Old timers here said they had never seen anything like it. I hope I never see it again! I'll try to send you some pics.

Look at the bright side, this weather is make'n memories for us. Should we say "thank you"? I am, I farm. Rain is always welcome here, in any form.
We had some melting today, but not enough to really make a dent. You look out through the trees behind the house and they look like they're made of glass. Been a week since we've had power, and the generator is costing 12 bucks a day in gas. I'll never complain about the cost of electricity again.
Glad you got the electric back, sorry to hear about the water line though. I'd stop by an give ya a hand if you were closer to home. Good Luck to ya Gunny.

We got some rainy ice comming in now. I may have to bring my pastrami in to the oven for the last few degrees. It's been cold as a well diggers butt all day but icy rain I'm not cooking in - even in my styrofoam igloo.

I thought I showed it once. My ECB was having a hard time keeping heat with the wind and cold so I made a shelter of sorts out of styrofoam and hold it together with pencils. It has a swing away roof for when I have to add fuel or spray something. Everyone at home calls it my styrofoam igloo.

You are a true enthusiast, and inventive at that!

Are you married? :oops: :lol:

Hi Tim -

Gee that was sweet. Yes I am maried but my mate doesn't get into much except eatting my stuff. I am the epitome of the DIYer! Once a farmer always a farmer! I just live in town now.

And a farm girl to boot!

If you ever get divorced, let me know. :lol: :lol:

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