"Enhanced" Spare Ribs

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Jul 9, 2005
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While reading several posts on this forum, I became aware that just as turkeys may be injected with a basically salt solution (processed vs minimum processed) by the processor, ribs may also receive the same treatment.

I just ran across a link (virtualweberbullet.com) in which "enhanced" ribs are discussed. Seems that the processor is doing the same thing to ribs as they are doing with turkeys under the guise of "tenderizing" or "moisturizing" them and its becoming more and more prevelant. On the cryovac package the lable will refer to the word "enhanced" or
"tenderized" and list the ingredients that have been injected. And I guess that's OK but if you know that you have enahanced ribs, you may well want to modify the salt you may have mixed in your rub. The article also suggests ways to determine if ribs that are displayed in the butcher's counter without wrapping are "enhanced." It goes on to discuss types of ribs etc. It's really a good article on ribs and I recommend it.

As for me, I think I'd rather have my ribs as close to natural as possible. Then I know exactly whats in/on them.

I agree with you on this Bill. That's why it pays to be a savvy consumer-"Know what you are buying!" Get to know your butcher, ask about the availability of different cuts of meats (like a whole pork shoulder vs. a butt and the picnic. Ask for their opinion. Some of these folks have a wealth of knowledge that they have accumulated over the years and a lot willing to share what they know.
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