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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by pantherfan83, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. pantherfan83

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    Anyone used encapsulated Citric Acid? It's supposed to be an additive that gives the tang/fermented taste that fermented sausages have. I've used Fermento and although the sausage was good, didn't think the Fermento did all that much for it. I wanted to try something else, mainly because Butcher-Packer doesn't carry Fermento and that's who I prefer to order my supplies from.


    I understand because it's encapsulated you must mix this product in at the end, not before you grind. I've read elsewhere that you aren't supposed to re-refrigerate your sausage after mixing it in. Anyone have experience with that or know why refrigerating (like if you were going to stuff at night and smoke the next morning) would be a problem?

    I've ordered some and I'm going to try it in place of the Fermento called for in my venison summer sausage recipe.
  2. Very interested in the response you get to this question too. I also used Fermento and was not happy with the end product. Sorry I can't answer your question.
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    I have used encapsulated citric acid in my snack sticks looking for that tang to but did not succeed , that's why I'm going to fermento next time. Also I've read that you use fermento with powdered dextrose to get that tang taste . When I do my next batch well see . Haven't seen anything about no re - refrigerate after stuffing .
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    i have used this product in my snack stix i used 2 oz to 25 pounds of meat it was a little much for my taste but other people who ate it my friends liked it a lot i have tried it in other sausage and did not like it much at all i need to play around with the amount and find one that i like not enough experience with it yet i am still not sold on this stuff yet i have also tried powdered buttermilk for that tangy taste and was not impressed at all
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    My parents owned a small town locker plant and we used to make 300 to 500 pounds of summer sausage each week. We always mixed the sausage the last thing of the day, and left it sit on the counter covered till we stuffed it the next afternoon.

    I've always ground my sausage or brats up in the evening, and left them on the table overnight with no problems. I can't tell you why it's done that way, I'm just doing what I saw done as a kid.
  6. Mix the encapsulated citric acid with the ground meat just prior to stuffing, do not grind after adding the citric acid. The grinding action will break apart the citric acid, lowering the pH before you want it to and will make for poor quality sausages. Use about 3 oz per 25 # sausage and blend about one minute.
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    I used fermento and dextrose and was not impressed. I tried it with 2 different recipes and never got what I was looking for. This year I got some of the starter culture from Butcher-packer and it is what I have been looking for. I still have to tweak the recipe (a little too salty and needs some smoke) but they were the best to date. The recipe is for "Slimmie-Jimmie" in the salami section here: http://lpoli.50webs.com/Sausage recipes.htm#DRY
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    I use it in my summer sausage and i do refrig mine overnite have not noticed any undesirable effects from the refrig.
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    I made a batch of summer sausage this weekend and was really happy with the results. The tang was pronounced, but not overly tangy. I liked it much more than what I'd gotten previously using fermento.

    I was making it for a friend and they were very happy with it too. They said it was the best they'd ever had. I made a 10+ lb batch, but I still have 30+ lbs to make for them. I'm doing some more this coming weekend, I'll take pics and put up the QView.
  10. trapper

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    Can you post the recipe and the procedure you followed concerning mixing, refigeration, etc.? I am always looking for a better sausage recipe.
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    I used some in my last batch of summer sausage. I make it out of the 5lb. tubes of ground chuck, I used ½tsp. of the encapsulated citric acid for 5 lbs, mixed in with rest of ingredients then stuffed and smoked. Had a nice tang to it, not too strong either.
  12. pantherfan83

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    Sure. I'll post it with the Qview of this weekend's batch.
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    I do not like the citric acid at all. I live about 45 minutes from Butcher Packer and know everyone there. They are great people, but I hate the citric acid otherwise known as Hunters Tang elsewhere. Just my 2 cents. Also on taste tests, I've had numerous people complain about the citric acid, so I don't use it anymore and have a following of about 25 peoples deer processed each year.

  14. big game cook

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  15. pantherfan83

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    I bet what you use isn't encapsulated.

    FYI, it is encapsulated (coated) with maltodexrine, a hydrogenated vegetable oil, which melts at 135 degrees F. releasing the citric acid into the meat product.This prevents the citric acid from releasing and prematurely lowering the ph of the sausage meat mix. If the meat's ph drops before the protein sets at 105-115 degrees you will get a negative effect on the texture of the finished sausage. It won't bind as well and the texture will be crumbly.
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    no its just crystals lol. sounded weird when i first heard citric acid and food in the same sentance.

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