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Nov 27, 2023
Hi all,

I'm shopping around looking for a new smoker. I currently have Masterbuilt electric smoker which works fine.
I recently started making my own sausages at home. And have gotten great recipes to try at home. And some I've made already. (came out great! If I can brag a bit) I've seen a lot of videos of people using different types of smokers. I'm limited as to what kind of smoker I can get. I can only use an electric smoker, not charcoal, on my patio. So something that will give me the smoke I need to smoke fresh sausages. I've looked at the Pro-Smokers...kind of pricy for my budget currently. But definitely the type I'm looking for in the future. Any suggestions. help. or resources will definitely be appreciated.

Happy Smoking!!
I concur on building your own PID controller, especially when doing sausages and salami where hitting 160* and turning off is critical.

General electric smokers have a 20*-30* temp swing, and if your cold smoking, you can risk over shooting target temp.

You can find analog smokers relatively cheap, and building a PID with moderately cheap parts.
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